Setup WordPress Static Page As A Homepage In Blog.

Basically, WordPress is a blogging platform means it shows all the latest post on your blog. So you if you need WordPress static page as a homepage then you need to configure some setting. WordPress is the powerful platform to share your hobbies or run a successful business online. To run your business online like a professional you need to setup a best static front page to attract your viewers.

Why WordPress Static Page Important.

If you want your blog and front page separate then the static front page is used to setup homepage. The static front page is very important for those who provided some type of services like SEO, Blog Migration and Layout Designing. I searched a lot on the internet, And I really found that static front page has a great impression on visitors.

Our Sharp Minder homepage is also static but with a recent post tag. Often static front pages are used in business websites.

How To setup Static Front Page as a Homepage

Before setting up the static page as a front page, you need to create a two page one for a Homepage and another is for posts.

Go to pages and create two WordPress pages

  • Your Blog Title – Blog Tagline.
  • Posts.

Now Go to setting > Reading setting

Select the pages you have a created. See below image for help

You must change the page title to your blog title. Don’t worry about SEO and indexing. Your static front page automatically takes the place of your blog homepage. Don’t worry about it.

If you want to create fully featured home page then read below post.

    I would suggest you to use static page only when you are a professional blogger, if you are beginner then firstly read above given post link. This post will help you to customize blog professionally.

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