Setup Small Office Network With WIndows 7.

How TO Setup Small Office Network With Windows 7

LAN (Local area network) is the best way to transfer files between same network using packets. You can also chat instant on network.

What is Small Office Network?

Networking is an area where two or more than two computers are connected with LAN wire. Mainly your LAN wire is cat-6 or cat-5. Lan wire used to connect your system to the internet. When your system is connected to LAN then it will be easy to transfer files from one computer to another.

There is a variety of networks and features depends on the type of network. Small office network is the place where 10-20 systems are connected in the same network.

How To Setup Small Office Network?

  • For setup small office network you have to connect all the system on the same network first. Check below image for setting up the network.

  • Connect all the system in the same sequence given above. You can buy readymade cat-6 wire from the market. If you will found any problem please ask in comment box.

  • After connecting system please note down the default gateway IP address of the modem. It should be like or Your ISP or IT administrator may know the default gateway. You can found your default gateway also in Control panel>Network And Sharing center>Change adapter setting>choose your wire connection and double click on it> Click on details. There you can found your default gateway.

  • I will prefer you to use manual IP addresses for better communication between PC. Now you have put these manual addresses in computers. Go to networking share center and click on change adapter setting. Right, click on ethernet connection and select properties. Find IPV4 and double click on it.

  • Enter the local IP address in IP address. Use default subnet mask. Enter default gateway in Default Gateway box. Click ok and apply.

  • Now you have to configure all the system which is in the network. Below is the configuration you have to do on another computer. And please note that two computer does not have the same local IP address. I will give you an example below check it out.

Computer 1 Local IP –

Computer 2 Local IP –

Computer 3 Local IP –

Note that the subnet mask and default gateway is same on all the computers.

  • Ok, now you have successfully configured IP addresses on the computer. After setting up all IP addresses, you have to turn on files and printer sharing from the control panel. Follow the procedure to turn on file sharing. Go to Networking And sharing center> Click on changing the advanced sharing setting.

  • Turn on network discovery and file sharing. And the turn of password protects sharing if you want that no one able to open your shared files.

  • Now go to the location you want to share in the network. Let’s take an example. Here I have a folder named “Movies”. Right click on the folder and go to properties. Click on sharing tab>Click on Share.

  • Click on the drop down menu and select everyone. If you don’t want to share with everyone then select individual users one by one. After that select the permission level of sharing folder. Select read permission if you only give to access to read that file. Select write permission if you want to give full access to that file. Full access means users can be able to delete or edit files.

  • Ok, that’s all now let’s check whether the tutorials works or not. Go to your network places. And see the list of computers.

  • Hey, it’s working perfectly. For checking share, folder clicks on your computer name. There will be a folder named Movies.

  • So here is your folder in my network place. The networking tutorial is for windows 7. There is little bit change in windows 8. We will talk later about windows 8 networking.

So what will think you know about setup small office network with windows 7? If you have any question related to networking please ask in the comment box. We will also provide server level solution. Join our blog for tech skills.

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