Laptop Screen Black On Startup | Hardware Troubleshooting


90% customers changes their laptop motherboard because of laptop screen black without knowing reason.

That’s the biggest problem in nowadays with the laptops. Laptop screen black on startup is the internal hardware problem. Today we will be troubleshooting black screen problem in the laptop.

laptop screen black on startup

To repair laptop black screen you need a Laptop tool kit to open back cover of the laptop. Read Below to troubleshoot laptop black screen problem.

Possible Reason For Laptop Screen Black On StartUp

Firstly we will discuss simple reason behind this problem. To troubleshoot laptop, black screen problem perform these action in the procedure.

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Software Issue Cause Laptop Black Screen

Sometimes you have installed latest software like Antivirus or any other package. Or some time windows update may cause this problem.

To solve this problem restore your laptop to the previous state. To restore your laptop press f8 on the startup. Restore the laptop to correct date. Sometimes this will help to solve black screen problem.

If Problem occurs again Proceed Below


Bios Setting Checking

This is not actually the main reason but make sure that bios are configured correctly. Laptop black screen sometimes occurs because of incorrect setting.


Internal Hardware Problem Causes Black Screen

It is the main and working method for solving laptop black screen problem. Sometimes laptop RAM may be moved from the integrated chip. So this cause for screen faults. Let’s solve the problem technically.

Troubleshoot laptop black screen

  • Open laptop back cover firstly with the help of toolkit.

  • Check the RAM slots and clean them with the blower.

  • If your laptop has 2 RAM check them one by one. Because sometimes 1 RAM causes faults in the laptop screen.

  • And check ram slots too & Sometimes RAM slots are shorts together.

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After checking and solving the problem close your laptop back cover. Comment below if your problem solves or not.

Other Tips For Solving Black Screen Problem.

  • Check your hard disk by connecting another desktop computer.
  • Battery Problem also causes laptop screen black on startup problem.
  • Mother Board Problem (Rare chances).


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