How To Change Windows 8 Start Menu To Look Like Windows 7.

Change Windows 8 Start menu To Look Like Windows 7

Windows 7 Start Menu have more impact the windows 8 start screen. According to Sharp Minder research 70% peoples loves to work with windows 7 start menu

Many peoples love to work shortcuts on the computer. That’s the biggest reason behind the failing of windows 8 start menu. It takes so much time for the user to find the app and to go to background screen instantly. For such users, we have a very simple solution to change your windows 8 start menu into windows 7 menu.

There is few method which is tested and proven to work. But I think to work with system files may cause some other problems. So I don’t expose many methods to make your start menu look like windows 7. Just one method is best for your read below.

Change Windows 8 Start Menu Look Like Windows 7

  • Install software by following the instructions on the screen.

  • After installing click on start menu, A popup menu will be open asking fo start menu setting.

  • Choose the type of start menu you want on the start menu. You can also choose the custom icon on the start menu.

  • Go to basic setting to skip Metro Screen on startup of the windows.

  • Change start screen skin setting in skin tab. There is 7-8 skin type you have installed defaults in the classic shell.

Other Method To Change Windows 8 Start Menu

Vistart Utility: –  It includes a brand new Start menu Windows 7 skin + more skins like the Windows 8 start menu Metro skin in the online gallery.

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This utility has more features like the metro gallery and windows 8 custom menu.

So these are two methods for easy setup windows 7 start menu. I would also like to tell you that by using registry editor you can make changes but it is risky. That’s why I can not recommend it to you.

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