Enable Hindi Keyboard Typing in windows 7 Or In Windows 8.


How to Enable Hindi Keyboard Typing in windows 7 or 8.

Sometimes you need to write in an Indian traditional language Hindi. The beginner who doesn’t have any idea about windows troubleshooting may be found the problem to enable Hindi keyboard typing in windows. So today’s post helps you to enable the Hindi language on the keyboard.

Basically, there are a number of languages which are installed on the computer but they are disabled. How to enable them we are going to tell you now in the tutorial.

Enable Hindi Keyboard Typing On In Windows 7,8.

How To Enable Hindi Typing in Windows 8

Follow the procedure to enable the Hindi Language In The Windows 8 Pc.

  • Go to Control Panel > Language

  • Click On add Language.

enable hindi keyboard typing windows 7 or 8

  • Now you have the language menu containing so many languages. Choose Hindi and click on add button on the bottom of the page.

enable hindi keyboard typing

  • Now you have successfully activated Hindi keyboard typing in the windows 8.

  • See your taskbar. There is an option for changing keyboard typing language. Alternatively, press alt + Shift.

Enable Hindi Keyboard Typing In Windows 8

  • Go to Control Panel > Region And Languages.

  • Go to keyboard and languages tab.

  • Click on Change Keyboard.

enable hindi keyboard typing

  • Click On add button And search for the Hindi language.

enable hindi keyboard typing

  • After founding click on + sign to expand the Hindi traditional languages.

  • Select Devanagari script language. Click ok and apply.

  • To changing keyboard typing language you need to press Alt + Shift.

So this is how you can change the language in the various operating system. Change if you need the Hindi language. It’s not about only Hindi language there are lots of operating languages you can work with the.

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