Deleting Facebook Messages All At Once | Delete All Conversation.


Every person who has a facebook account has a problem. Lots of bulk messages are collected in the inbox of facebook. Today I will share a trick to deleting facebook messages all at once. After reading this post, you will be able to delete all messages in a single click.

It’s too difficult to delete facebook conversation one by one. After deleting them from the inbox, they go to an archived folder, which is again a headache. ┬áThis tutorial will help you to delete all facebook conversations in a single click.

Deleting Facebook Messages All At Once


Deleting Facebook Message All at once
Deleting Facebook Message All at once


Let’s Get Started With Tutorial: –

  • Download this extension for google chrome store. Note that it will work only for chrome browser.


  • Click on add to chrome button at top right corner.

Deleting Facebook Messages All At Once

  • Restart google chrome for activating this extension.


  • Check For activation in the extension menu. Go to more tool> Extension. Check whether the extension enables or disable. Click on enable if it is disabled.

Deleting Facebook Messages All At Once


  • Now go to your facebook message window. A small icon will appear next to your browser window. Check below image for more info

Deleting Facebook Messages All At Once

  • Note that if message windows are not open then this icon will be invisible. It works only when you open facebook message window.


  • Click on the icon, a confirmation dialog box is now open. Click on Begin deletions.

delete all message at once 4


  • Now chrome popup will be appear asking for deleting all messages click on yes.

delete all message at once 5

  • Now Scroll down slowly – slowly at the end of your inbox. That’s all buddy. All the inbox messages and conversation are permanently deleted by this extension.


So, now you are free to chat with anyone without any fear. I mean to say whenever your girlfriend wants to check your inbox just run extension and all the proofs will be clear.

So now you will be able for deleting facebook message all at once in a click. Stay connected for more updates related to the topic.

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