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Clean Keyboard Properly, Pc Hardware Solution By Sharpminder

Hey, buddies today I am here at sharp minder going to start a new hardware troubleshooting section. Basically, I am a computer engineer and I had to fight many hardware problems every day. The first common problems in a computer are the keyboard not working properly. So many people complaints about keyboard hard buttons. This is because of dust is sit down at the base of buttons.

How To Clean Keyboard Properly.

Shut down the computer properly and remove the keyboard from the CPU USB port. Before troubleshooting, any hardware in the computer makes sure that all the power cables are unplugged.

There are two different kinds of problems in the keyword which may lead to not working properly. One is software related and another is the hardware problem. So we are going to talk about the hardware problem.

Detach the keyboard keys one by one. Before detaching make sure that the key locks are unlocked properly.

Now pick up a used toothbrush and clean the whole upper area of the keyboard with the brush. The dust below the keys causes for hardness when pressing the keyboard button.

Now see the keyboard keys inside. If there is dust inside the keys. Just clean them too for smoothness.

Now you have successfully cleaned outside portion of the keyboard. Now put your keys back onto the keyboard. If you have any problem related to keyboard map search for images in google.

We are talking about the hardware problem. So there is also an internal part troubleshooting.

Remove all the screws from the bottom of the keyboard and safely open back cover because there are plastic keys for every button which are not fixed to buttons.

Ok, now you will have the option to clean the keyboard sensors. Please clean the keyboard sensors correctly.

Clean all the dust on the keyboard sensors. Check if there is any other problem. Before closing keyboard make sure all the plastic keys and buttons are fixed at the right location.

Hey, sharp minders this is our first hardware section post. So keep loving us and supporting. Do share with friends and subscribe to us!


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