Best PTC Sites 2017 For Online Money Making.

Some best PTC sites 2017 for make money online

PTC sites are also known as paid to click sites. You have to click on ads to get the decent amount in your account. For advertisers PTC sites are the way to increase traffic for their website.

There are lots of PTC sites on the internet but some of them are the total scam. So today I will provide the some of best and trusted website. PTC sites are working for both advertiser and publishers. I think it is the simplest method to earn money online.

For fast earn money in short time with PTC see our quick tutorial about Multiclicker.

Be aware of fake sites which will ask your contact info and bank accounts detail.

For those who are the beginner in PTC world, some of trusted best PTC sites 2017 below.

Trusted And Best PTC Sites 2017

1. Clixsense: – Clixsense is the best and trusted PTC site of 2016. Clixsense drives unique traffic for advertisers. You can take the benefit of clixsense customer service. Where yo have to click on the ad and watch for 3-5 second. $10 is the maximum profit you can make in clixsense.

Clixsense is very easy to use. There are lots of features in clixsense you can take the benefits from them.

If you want to read more about Clixsense read the post below.

2. Neobux: – It is oldest PTC site which pays its users on time Like Clixsense, it also provides two type of services. Members or advertisers are working with Neobux.

Members can take effortless income from Neobux. And Neobux pays high to its users. Check out sharp minder review below for know why Neobux is best and trusted website of 2017.

3. TrafficMonsoon: – It is new in PTC area but users have lots of faith in traffic monsoon. You can earn up to 0.02$ in every click you made.

For referral earning you don’t need to upgrade your account. There are lots of feature in traffic monsoon. You can also drive traffic to your site using various packages.

4. Buxvertise: – Buxvertise is another trusted PTC from which you can earn money online. This is in the list because Buxvertise pays instantly to its users.  You can earn extra money daily from buxvertise PTC site.

The feature of instant pay helped Buxvertise  to rank in the niche sites.

5. CliqueBook: – This is new PTC site but it got the hot response from its users. That’s why Clique book is on the list of Best PTC site 2017.

The earning per click is up to 0.02$. Minimum cashout for clique book is $2. Which is good for its members.

6. ScarletClicks: – Because of its referral strategy it is in 6th place. Scarlet-clicks pays 100% for referring the users. Payment will be made by payza and PayPal.

Scarlet-clicks provide professional support to the both members and for the advertiser.

So this is the list of Top 6 PTC sites. Try one of above or use all for maximum support. If you have any question in your mind please let me know in the comment box.

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