WordPress Feedburner Popup Plugin Free For Email Marketing.


It is better to have a popup subscription form on the web page. The post is for WordPress Feedburner popup plugin free. People’s who uses paid service like Aweber or Mailchimp are totally stress-free about email marketing. But for those who uses free service like Feedburner are in little problems about email marketing.

wordpress feedburner popup plugin free

However today I am gonna tell you about the some free email popup subscription form for Feedburner. Feedburner is the one of the popular email marketing service provided by google.

RSS feed services of google are the solution for sending the mass email once. Bloggers don’t have time to send new posts one by one to the reader.


So RSS feeds allows you to share the new post on the reader inbox.  Email subscription on the sidebar having a great impact on the visitor. But the popup subscription box has a more ability then sidebar because people don’t miss to watching subscription form.

2 Best WordPress Feedburner Popup Plugin Free

After many types of research, I have found two best and trusted Feedburner plugin. These to have a potential to win the heart of a visitor. So give them a chance to work on your website.

List And Tutorial Of WordPress Feedburner Popup Plugin Are Below: –

SC Popup Subscriber: – SC popup subscriber plugin is the simple and easy to use the plugin. It is totally free and have a potential to increase your email marketing.

I love it because it  is very simple and every beginner will be able to set it up individually.

How to Setup SC Popup Subscriber 

1.  Download and activate the plugin from WordPress plugin directory. Look below the dashboard of the plugin.

SC Popup Subscriber
SC Popup Subscriber Plugin


2.  Tick on enable first. Next Set the number of days you want to show a popup subscription.

3.  Enter your Feedburner ID in the Feed URL box.

4.  Next is the Heading Of Newsletter.

5.  Give some description about your website or your feed in Detail Box.

6.  How It will look on the homepage.

wordpress feedburner popup plugin free

Elegant Subscription Popup: – The developer of this plugin is Shrinivas from Karnataka. If you are looking for fully customizable popup subscription then surely this will be going to bang on your site.

It has a fully responsive and beautiful design. I love this plugin more than any paid plugin :).

Setup Elegant Subscription Popup Plugin

1.   Simply activate the plugin and go to dashboard.



2.   Enter the Feedburner ID in the first box.

3.   Enter the title of the Popup box. Next option is the description of Newsletter.

4.   Other options below then description box provided you the ability to customize Subscription Feedburner Popup fully.

5.   This is how your subscription box looking after setup.

elegant subscription popup

If you want  the detailed tutorial about elegant subscription box, go to this post.


These two WordPress Feedburner popup plugins are the best options for the beginner. Give them a try and share your experience with us.

If you have any question related to subscription popup form feel free to ask in the comment box.


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