WordPress Facebook Like Popup Simple Configuration Plugin?


The post is about WordPress facebook like popup box. How your facebook likes turns into revenue? I think everyone knows the value of facebook followers. After search engine, the 50% of traffic is coming from the social sites. Facebook is the number one social site nowadays. So you can turn your facebook followers into traffic. So today I will discuss the WordPress facebook like the popup.


facebook like box popup


So let’s begin our today’s topic about social sites. How many of you see the facebook popup like box in the post page or homepage of another blog. They configure this because everyone knows the power of follower. I mean to say they know your power buddies. You are key of success for them and for me.


Best WordPress Facebook Like Popup Plugin


Facebook already gives a shortcode to add their widget in the sidebar. But anyone of you notices that the loading capability of that page is very slow. This is because of third party app or widget. So WordPress provided a different – different plugin for this purposes.

Let’s Start with One of the amazing plugin for facebook like popup.


Download this Plugin from here: Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox


After Downloading Follow Process For Setting Up Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

1.         Download facebook page promoter plugin and install it into the local plugin directory. After that click on activate the plugin.


wordpress facebook like popup


2.         This is how your plugin dashboard looks like. After that go to the facebook page and copy your page name for the URL. For more info check below picture.


facebook like popup box

3.        Copy the Page name from URL example: Sharp Mind Crazy About Internet. Paste it into the Page name box.


4.       After that select the page where you want to show the popup. I would suggest you to use homepage and post page for better user experience.


5.       The delay is the time in the millisecond to display WordPress facebook like popup plugin. Next enter the number of page load to according to your need.


6.       Close on overlay click is the great option for those who are not interested in the popup. This will not make your             page spammy.

Friends keep your page look like professional don’t make it spammy. And keep some delay in popup for being a professional blogger. Thank you for reading this valuable article. Feel free to ask any question 🙂



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