Transfer WordPress Site From Local Server To Live Server.


How it’s Possible To Transfer WordPress Site From Local Server to Live Server

Need to transfer WordPress site on the live server. How many of you used a local server to customized your theme without the internet. So today we will discuss how to transfer WordPress site from local server to live server. I think every new blogger starts with local server machine. The local server is the best way to learning blogging and new skills. Later you can implement them on the live server.


If you want to start a blogging I would suggest you to use WordPress firstly on the local server. And the best and amazing benefit of the local server is it don’t require internet connections to customize your theme.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to manage the appearance on the live server. So again I would suggest you to use localhost server.

So Let’s Begin The Tutorial To transfer WordPress site 


1.   Sign into your web hosting provider site. And Setup Your Basic WordPress site. Also, connect your domain with your hosting account. I have already connected so here is the screen shot.


tranfer wordpress site to live server


2. Click on The Setting Button As shown in above image. There are several tab in the setting menu. Go to FTP tab to get your FTP username or password. Note it down on the notepad And also hostname (Hostname is your domain address).


transfer wordpress website to live server


3. Now Next You have to download third party FTP software. There is so many file transfer software. But I would recommend you to use Filezilla. Filezilla is the best tool I have ever used to transfer WordPress site.

Filezilla is advanced level software that I had used since many years. Easy to use and upload files fastly on the server.

Get It Now Free

4. Install Filezilla and open it. And fill the information you have noted down before. Check below given screenshot:

transfer wordpress site to live server

5. Ok, When you’ll connect successfully to the server. Your live server directories will be listed on the right side. And local files are on the left side.

6. Now go to your local WordPress Directory and copy content From there. And transfer them to your live directory check the below given screenshot:

transfer site to live server

7. So this is the easy way to transfer heavy images or videos to your live server.  Friends this tutorial is all about transferring images or videos file. If you want to transfer all files related with the database then Do comments.

Now Don’t upload your file from the life server because it is too slow for uploading large files.  And make sure The path of Local File And Live File is Same for working.

Friends if you have a question in mind let me know. Don’t proceed without any guidance. It will harm your site seriously. So that’s how you can make live your local server live on the network. Do share with social media buddies. We’ll back with new post 🙂




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