Share Data Using Wifi Between Pc & Android Phone.

How To Share Data Using Wifi between PC & Android Phone

Let’s talking about the android phone. In nowadays it is so difficult to carry out so many cables in the bag eg. laptop charger, mobile charger, etc.

share data using wifi

So the Google Codemasters developed an app for sharing data using wifi between PC & Android Phone. There are so many applications for android to share data with wifi But I would like to recommend you to use Airdroid.

Why This is Better To Use Airdroid for share data using wifi between pc & android phone.

Ok let’s take an example, I just connected my phone with the data cable to the Pc. 90% job is done after that it shows error why because mistakly I just moved the laptop to another place.

Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way at the right time.

That’s why I used Airdroid to share data over wifi with PC.

The next benefit of using wifi for sharing data is that it will increase the speed of tranfering data over wifi. The speed of transmission is around 3-4mbps per second isn’t it is better guys :).

Features Of Airdroid: –

  1. Contacts –  View all contacts and add new contacts.
  2. Photos & Videos – Transfer photos or videos between PC and android.
  3. Screenshot – Take a real-time screenshot from Airdroid(Require Root Device)
  4. Apps – Import and export .apk files.
  5. URL – Open URL in the default browser of mobile.

How Airdroid Works And Share Data Over Wifi

  • Go to Play Store And Download Airdroid. It is comaptible with all android version including latest version.share data using wifi
  • Connect your PC with android using the hotspot. And open in the PC browser.
  • Scan the given QR code using your Airdroid app.share data using wifi airdroid
  • That’s all guys See the below screenshot for more information.
    share data using wifi with the help of airdroid.

It’s totally awesome to watching your android on the large screen. Application share data using wifi and you don’t need to install third party software in the system.

You can now easily upload or download files. The download speed is amazing and Some features require rooting of your device so be careful about it.

Ok guys bye bye, Reply in the comment box for any query related to Airdroid See you soon in the next post.

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