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Hello Sharp Minders, Today’s post is about quick adsense plugin wordpress. How to use Adsense in the best way?  Mostly people don’t know about Adsense ad unit.


Quick adsense plugin wordpress tutorial



This post is for beginners. who got stuck in starting of Adsense management. Follow the below tutorial for better Adsense management.

Why we use quick adsense plugin wordpress?


We use plugin for Adsense because it saves our time for other planning other Strategies for bloggingThe plugin provide easy user interface so that you cannot have do struggle with Codes. This plugin comes with so many features like :


  • Display Up to 10 ads per page. For google Adsense it allows 3 ads per page. If you use other ad network then you can show 10 ads per page.
  • Ads positioning: Ads below post title, ads in the middle of post, ads at the end of post, assign ads after a certain paragraph, Ads after a image.
  • Support any codes Not only limited to Adsense only.

There are lots of feature provided by this Plugin. You can control ads  according to your user interface. You can use it for more Adsense revenue.


Is It Safe To Use Quick Adsense?

The question after installing plugin is that ” Is it safe to use to use quick Adsense plugin for WordPress” .  OK let me tell you google Adsense policy allows to work with plugin. But keep in mind to change ads positioning time to time. Quick Adsense is the one and only plugin which always notify user about danger. Like do not show ads more then 3 in one content page.


So you can understand it how strictly this plugin caring about your Adsense policy.

OK lets begin the quick Adsense tutorial : –


1.  Go to WordPress plugin directory and search for Quick Adsense . You can directly Download it from here .


2.  Next you have to activate it. Activate it from the Local Plugin Directory.


3. After Activating Go to Setting> Quick Adsense.


quick adsense plugin wordpress




4 .  Go to the end of Plugin. I will recommend you to add Adsense Code First In the Box. Check Below Image.

quick adsense plugin wordpress


5. Add the numbers of code and type of ads you want to show in page content. Notice : If you used google Adsense then place only 3 ads code in the box. Also check out the Position of the ads in the right of box.



6.  Then Next step is to Assign the position to ads. Go to the top of page. Select the number of ads you want to use from the quick Adsense. By defaulting it is 3.


7. Then assign the ads positioning like : Below post title or In the middle of post. And also choose the appearance pages example : Homepage or post page.


That all, It is not difficult to manage ads with quick Adsense plugin. Even the beginner can do it easily. If you Want any help related to that article ask in inbox. We will provide you the best solution.

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