Open Blocked Sites In Easy Steps Using Different Method.


One of my friend asking me to open blocked sites in his office computer. In nowadays there is so many software used to block a website with a different – different policies. Mainly in office and in colleges sites are blocked. Some of the sites blocked by IT administrators are Social Sites, Adult Content and government sites.


how to open blocked sites
How To Open Blocked Sites

How to open blocked sites

1.  Using Translation: – Only some of the computer geeks know this trick. You can bypass sites by using translation services like google translator.  Just enter the URL in translation box that’s all. The page will show you original content.


blocked site2. URL Method: – To open Blocked Sites just enter the website IP address into the address bar instead of domain name. Your router or modem uses URL blocking method, that’s why sometimes this method will work. To know about IP address press Windows Button + R and write down this command ping -t.

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open blocked site using ip addresscheck website information online

3. Free Proxy Server: – One of the effective method I have used in past. It just changes your IP location and create a proxy server in between you and internet. So it will be easy to surf any site with the help of Proxy server. Check this cool example Free Proxy Server.

4. By Adding Proxy Into Browser: – Ok, it is the second part of the proxy server. If the live proxy server doesn’t works add your proxy into the browser by the following method: – Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections Tab >Click on Lan Setting And Choose proxy server for your LAN.

open blocked sites


5.  URL Shortening: – URL shortening is the process to short URL in 5-6 small link. If there is URL blocking service then this would be the option. Check out the below post for more about URL shortening: Make 10$ per day with ( review)


6.  VPN Software: – VPN is the virtual private network. It’s the second best option I have tried before. It creates a private shield between you and network. So no policies work on it.  So enjoy access to all sites. No restriction over any site. One of the  best is Hotspotshield.


It is always better to use VPN software for full access on the internet. These are the ways to open block site friends. Ask any question in comment box or do share 🙂


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