Laptop Remote Control From Android Phone In easy Steps.


Have you ever think about controlling your laptop from android. If yes then you have a sharp and techie mind. How it is possible to laptop remote control from android. Laptop remote control is the way by which you can control your laptop or PC from the android cell phone.

remote control laptop

Why Laptop Remote Control Needed

For the home user, it is not important to control your laptop. The person who are working in IT field and provide IT solution They required it almost. When you are out of office and any employee has a problem related to PC then you can connect laptop on the remote control.

So for these guys, it is a need. Actually, laptop remote control connection can be established by using IP addresses.

Method For Laptop Remote Control

A.  Teamviewer: – Teamviewer is the best ever remote desktop software used by many industries. You can control both Laptop and Android phone from TeamViewer which is amazing. This topic is about control laptop so let’s talk about it. Check below how team viewer works:-

1.  Download TeamViewer Here For Laptop. And Here For Android.

2.  Install TeamViewer in android And open app you will see dashboard like this

Laptop remote control

3.  Next You have to open TeamViewer in the laptop. And enter your id into the android app as shown above. See blow screen shot

laptop remote control

4.  Click on Remote Control from android app. It will ask for password enter the password given in Laptop TeamViewer.

5.  All done, Enjoy you laptop remote control from your android device.

laptop remote control
How Remote Control Looks On Android

So this was the TeamViewer tutorial for controlling laptop from android.

Some Features Of Teamviewer Remote Control

Transfer Files.

Live Voice Calls & Video Calls.

Access Permission In services.

Chat Online.

2.  PC Remote Server: – If you are using same wifi then this will be going best choice for you. It controls laptop like a butter on a bread I mean to say very smoothly.

It uses your local are network to connect laptop remote control.

How it Works

1.  Download android app here And Laptop Server From here.

2.  Install android app and Server in Pc.

3.  Run server in Laptop and open app in android.

4.  Search for the server in android. See below shot for reference

laptop remote control


5.  Click on Your Laptop name when found. Now your laptop is on remote control from android.

laptop remote control


There are lots of feature in this application. You can also access many features from the server. It is better to use same wifi for better performance.

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