How To Check Website Information Online Free Tool.

How to Check website information online free tools. These tools are used to find information of the website. Some popular websites are facebook, twitter or google. Have you ever think what is the IP of these Popular’s website server. So here is the total solution to find out detail about Website.

These online tools are very powerful. You will know the site registrar or expiration detail. Some of the useful are listed below with their short description according to Sharpminder test: –

Check Website IP Address

Method 1: – The simple and short method to find out the IP address of any website. Press Windows Button + R.

See Picture Below:

Put Your Site Address Like This ( Ping -t)

Method 2: –   This Is the online method to check out the IP of any website. Check Out Website IP, just put the URL in the box and hit enter. Wait for a minute your website listed your IP address in the last box.

Free IP Check Tool

Check Website Information Online Related To Owner

IP is the just smallest tool, what if you get the site owner and hosting server information. It is the greatest tools I have ever seen for checking website information online.

Online Website information free tools are listed below:

  • The best tool I would like to share with you is WHO.IS. If you want to know contact details and address of site owner then this is the tool meets your requirement. This is universal tool means no worry about hosting server. There are lots of database in the tool.
  • – Go daddy is the popular registrar in nowadays. So they started their service to find out the domain information. It also listed information about another hosting registrar.
  • Whoishosting: – Simply enter the URL of the website and the tool will show you hosting provider detail or IP address of the website. There are also some features like comparing of servers eg. WordPress or PHP.
  • – If you want to know the physical location of the website then go with it. The information provides by is same like
  • Semrush: -To comparing your SEO scores I would suggest you semrush. Semrush is well-known SEO service provider. Comparing sites according to google ranking.

Check Website Speed Tool

  • PINGDOM TOOL: -This tool is used to optimized your website speed. If you want to know how much time your website take to load homepage then use this tool.

    Sharp Minder Test Score is 81/100

So these are the some basics tools which are useful to comparing your site with another site.

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