Freelancing trusted websites and how to work With Them ?


What is Freelancing ?  Today I will share information about freelancing trusted websites. How many of you know about the freelancing Jobs. Ok, Let me tell you if you are the online money seeker then it is very good article for you guys. Today i gonna explain Freelancing trusted websites which are more profitable.


Freelancing jobs are the jobs provided by any organization or Individual person. The person who dosen’t work for one company only. But hired by different – different companies for certain job.

Is It Good To Be a Freelancer?


Some people’s in the freelancing Area are frustrated after some time when they don’t get any job.  It is not so easy to become freelancer in a few days. Some people worked in the night for best result. The main advantage of freelancing is you have to do work yourself. Means you don’t have a boss telling you what to do so you can say ‘no’ to jobs you don’t want.

The pay scale of freelancing job is greater than the regular job. Companies pays you good because they don’t have to pay for the leave.


Some Freelancing trusted websites Are Below :-


1.    elance : – Elance is managed by upwork team. Elance is the first Freelancing site which provide guarantees both fixed and hourly based price work. elance provides so many Communication tools which helps us to communicating with Clients.

Freelancing trusted websites



2.      Freelancer : – Freelancer is australia based company. Company is online since 2004 with the largest number of users. There are 50000 + currently jobs posted in freelancer. The typical job revenue is 200$ and above. This is best site i will recommend to you. i personally say that it is the best Freelancing trusted website ever.


3.     oDesk : –  oDesk is the another company managed by upwork team. So I don’t explain much more about the oDesk.


4.  Guru : – Actually i Loved it. So amazing and good freelance company. The guru is founded in 1999. The company is famous for the software and web design. There are more than 5000 + jobs for software engineer.  I included it into freelancing trusted websites because it has Ability to have screenshots of worker / or workers screen for hourly work: Yes, through Guru’s Time Tracker application.


5.  Fiverr :- Fiverr is the another website where you can buy and sell your services.  You can uses the services on the flat rate of 10$. To order something from fiverr, You must pay 5$ with a credit card. In order to buy or sell with Fiverr, you must be a registered user of their site. Registration is free and open to anyone.



6. iFreeLance : – iFreelance is very popular freelance site in now days. Who working regularly in companies can earn little amount from it. The best thing about ifreelance is its unlimited bids. This feature lets you get more jobs opportunities. ifreelance does not charge anything from us. Low membership is the another feature it have.


This website actually a gold pack for free user. But the cause of having on 6 number is: It does not have more security than above given freelancing trusted websites.


So, These are the some of trusted websites which are awesome to work part time. When I have started freelancing it’s so difficult to get my first job. The amount paid to me in my first job is 20$. It is so Amazing to work with a team 🙂 .


Finally i want to thank you for reading my freelancer trusted tutorial. If you want to know more about Freelancing  please comments in the comment box or ask in email. Friends Do share and like our FB page to get recent updates.



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