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 Hello Buddies, Today we will discuss about Free email marketing software. Firstly i want to tell you the benefits of email marketing.

What Is Email Marketing ?

Email marketing is the way to increase your audience. New audience means more traffic to your website. Are you know most people’s like reading emails in the morning. So i think it is the best way to Increase your traffic Friends.

free email marketing software

Email Marketing Software

There are so many software availables on the best prices. If you are ok to pay, then go ahead and buy the latest version of any best email marketing software. I will prefer you Aweber email marketing software.

But if you want free software then Read Below  icon-downarrow  .

Free Email Marketing Software Sendblaster 

Here Are the Tutorial of Free email marketing Software called Sendblaster.

How sendblaster works ?

Sendblaster is free and highly populated free email marketing software.  It uses the smtp server for sending free messages. Ok let me ask you a question. How much emails you can send over the smtp server in Sendblaster?

Its 5000 emails per click friends isn’t it good ?  Sendblaster have so many features including tracking and google analytics.

Free Email marketing software Sendblaster Tutorial Below : –

Please follow steps to make your email marketing effective friends.

1.     Open Sendblaster And go To compose message.

free email marketing software sendblaster

Your Compose area is looking like above picture. You have so many options there. If you have no ability to design the newsletter then choose template meets your criteria. Write your message briefly and don’t forget to give your links in the message.

   2.     After writing your message check your spam score. I think it’s the best tool provide by sendblaster email marketing tool. If you think this tool is prank then you are absolutely wrong guy’s. The information provide by this tool is 100% correct.You can check the example by sending test message to yourself. If your spam score is more than 1.0% then it directly goes to Spam Folder.Make sure that Your spam score is less than 1.0%.  When it goes down to 1.0% then move to next step.

 3.     Ok, next step is to import email addresses from the excel file. But before importing file you require CSV file of  email addresses.If you don’t know how to make This file here is an example. Download from the below given


 Download this file and Change email addresses  according to your audiences and contacts.

4.    After importing addresses Go to Send tab.  Below are the setting you have to do in Sending Tab.

free email marketing software sendblaster

Just follow the above given instructions to established connection between free email marketing software and Gmail server.

5.    Select the distribution list from the drop down menu. Select your imported email addresses list. After selecting the list you can give subject name in the compose message tab.

6.     After setting all thing just click on send. You can minimize and abort sending in between. If you want to check the history then go to Logs of sendblaster.

[ Note : Please use valid email addresses otherwise you will get lots of failed message in your inbox. I will suggest you to collect emails from the Paid email generator.  ] 

For better management we have provided our first video tutorial here in our blog. Please give your reviews on it 🙂

So what about today’s post guys. Isn’t it good to increase your traffic by using free email marketing software. I think its very good idea at all. So guys in the end of i just want to say thank you for reading. Don’t forget to Click CTRL + D of your keyboard guy’s. 🙂

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