Facebook Like Popup box Help You To Increase Audience.


The facebook like popup box is an opportunity to increase your followers on facebook. So how you will you implement it to become a successful blogger?

facebook like popup box increases follower


if you are beginner then it will be a little bit confusing. People think that SEO is the main factor that drive traffic to your blog. How many of you think’s that it’s the true fact? If you are one of them then go with SEO services.


But I am telling you the 70% of the traffic is generated from the Social  sites. So this is the importance of social services. Today I will share some fact about the facebook like popup box.  Popup boxes are the key feature to a fan following. It is very common sentence actually. If your follower increases your traffic also automatically increases.


Follow Or Like Popup Box Increases Followers


I would suggest you to use a WordPress plugin to create a like popup box for the blog. If you used third-party code that cause to slow down your blog. If you don’t know how to configure facebook like popup box for blog check this post.

WordPress Facebook Like Popup Simple Configuration Plugin


The simple logic behind the pop up boxes is – If you do not click like or follow button your pop up box did not close. So people like to click on follow other than reloading the page button.

That’s why professional blogger uses the like popup box for increase their follower. The another benefit of the pop up is to make a long term business with your visitors.

[ Note:   Don’t configure like popup box for every page load it makes your page spammy. So make sure to load it after 7 or 10-page loads ]


This post is just for helping someone who doesn’t knows how to interacted with visitors in a right way. Do share and like with another new blogger. And if you want to contact me personally then click on link here icon-facebook 


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