Clixsense Review 2017 – Money Making From Surveys Or Ads.


What Is Clixsense

Clixsense is the program which provides services to both the Advertisers or to the customers. Today I want to tell what is clixsense and Clixsense review 2017. Both the advertisers and the customer can take the benefit of the services in clixsense.

clixsense review 2016

Clixsense offers many features for both the advertisers or customers. Let’s discuss the feature and services of Clixsense.

How We Can Earn Money From Clixsense

Create your clixsense account here. After Login go to view ads section.

Here are the different types of ads provided by clixsense. Click on any ad to view it. Next it will ask you a simple question for security reason. Select correct answer and wait for 10-15 second. After successful validation $0.001 is deposited into your account.

Do not click many ads simultaneously because it is against clixsense terms and conditions.

Let’s Reviews Clixsense Features

This Clixsense review is very useful for those who are looking for best PTC sites. According to me, clixsense is best and trusted PTC site ever.

Clixsense surveys have a quality and also spam free. The higher survey value is $1.75, Which is very good according to any user.

Clixsense has many types of ads:

  • Sticky Ads – 5 Second – $0.001
  • Regular Ads – 30 Second – $0.01
  • Mini Ads – 15 Second – $0.005
  • Micro Ads – 3 Second – $0.001

The best feature I have found at the time of clixsense review is Clixgrid Game. No sites in PTC industry have that type of feature. You have to click on grids and when you will be the winner, you’ll be got $10 in the account (Amazing).

Clixsense Offers again give an opportunity to the customer to add more value to the account. Commission per offer is $5 or $10 depends on the type of membership you have.

Every program has affiliate strategy to get the new customer into the PTC area. So the affiliate program for clixsense PTC site is also very good. You’ll be got the maximum of $1-$2 in the account after signup of your referral person.

Ok, if you do not remember to open clixsense every day. You can add clixsense add-on into the browser.

Have a doubt about clixsense payment and any other question please visit the clixsense forum and ask for help. There are so many payment proofs already provided by many users.

You can check out my dashboard to know much better about clixsense.

Clixsense review 2016
Dashboard Clixsense

Basically, I don’t recommend users to use PTC site but this  program will help you to increase your monthly income.

Short Clixsense Review 2017

 Spam                           –        Not Spam & Trusted.

Types Of Ads                –         4 Types of Ads Format.

Surveys                        –         2-3 Per day.

Payment Method          –         Paypal, Paytoo or Neteller.

Referral Commission    –        $1 & $2

ok, so what you thinking about let’s begin with this cool site. If you are a teenager or searching for part time job then this will help you a lot. Check Below Post to save time in PTC sites.

I know you have a question in mind about free time. This process is very long term and needs extra free time. So if you don’t have a lot of extra time go with below option.

Personally, it is a very time-consuming process. So firstly think and then proceed. If you like this post share and subscribe our recent posts.


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