Change Voice During Call On Android Phone – Change Caller ID Also

Hey, it’s late night and I am busy with some kind of SEO stuff. To making this night hot, I have a very short and simple trick for you. What if your voice is change into ladies/men voice. Oh, men not biologically it,s logically. I mean to say change voice during call to making fun with your dear one.

So this is the hot topic tonight. It’s only for the fun purpose don’t use it for abusing someone innocent. Ok now explain the main topic below sit back now :).

Change Voice During Call Using These Android Apps.

Ya, you read the right line above there are some unique apps for changing your voice during the call without any efforts. I will explain them one by one with their features.

List Of Voice Changing Apps

FunCall: – This is the one I have used before. Change your voice when you are on call. You can change your id too. After making the call, your free calls update.

You can make 2 free calls to any user after that you have to earn some free calls by installing other apps. This is the best app which changes voice during the call.

IntCall: – Another app with a great feature. It includes custom calling id feature which is awesome. You have to earn free minute by sharing the app or watching ads.

Some of other features are Background sounds and Pitch control. Use it if you have fast internet connection. Loves to change voice during call with this app.

BluffMycall: – This is the ultimate calling app according to their features. It totally hides your caller id so that victims don’t recognize your phone number.

If you want the high-quality voice then enable use wifi feature. Give it a try guys.

ChangeVoiceCall: – Change your Caller id plus your voice to prank your friends and making fun with your dear one. And select the voice before calling.

It is a prank app actually. Didn’t change voice really but only prank your friends.

List Of simple Voice Changer Apps

GirlsVoiceChanger: – It is a simple voice changer app. Simply converts your voice into girls voice. Don’t require the internet connection. Or the voice changing is not real time. Means It does not change voice during the call.

VoiceChangerWithEffect: – Record your voice and convert it into the various effects. So much fun with this app. So many options to change your voice and share via various media like facebook messenger or WhatsApp.

So friends have fun with these apps but don’t do any illegal call. It’s only for prank your friends. So change voice during call now for fun moments.

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