Windows xp in windows 7 setup using virtual machine.


Hey friends. The previous post is about android emulator. And this one is related to previous article. Many peoples want to run 2 os in one computer without rebooting systems. Some softwares only support windows xp. For those software we need to downgrade our operating system. This is very difficult to move our data from one platform to another. For this problem i have a solution for you which allows you to run windows xp in windows 7.

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Windows xp in Windows 7 By using VMware Workstation

What is vmware? VMware is the virtual machine which allows you to run windows xp in windows 7. It is the latest version of virtual machine. It is to easy to install windows xp with VMware workstation. You can also install windows 7 or windows 8 into this virtual machine with lots of customizations. To install windows xp in windows 7 follow below given Tutorial :-

  1. Firstly download VMware workstation full setup. You can find full version anywhere in the internet.|
  2. After that install VMware workstation. Check out below given screenshot.
    windows xp in windows 7 using vmware
  3. follow the instructions to install vmware workstation. The process takes some time to install vmware into the system.
    windows xp in windows 7 using vmware
    When the process is completed open the application.
  4. Next you need your windows xp cd. Windows xp in windows 7 is the best way to work with two operating systems.
  5. Now click on Create a New Virtual Machine. And put CD into cd writer.

    windows xp in windows 7 using vmware

  6. Next you have to select your installation disc. Choose your cd/dvd writer that you have put the cd.

    windows xp in windows 7 using vmware

  7. Ok click on the next button that’s all friends. Now It looks like your system is booting. When your VMware is booting press any key to boot from cd. That all know your cd is booting. Follow the instructions to install windows.
  8. When system is finished installation. Check out below given screen shot of VMware Workstation:

    windows xp in windows 7 using vmware
    Your windows is look like above given picture.

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There are lots of customization option in VMware workstations. You can increase your ram or storage capacity as per your need and connect your external drives also.

You can also installs other operating systems in VMware. Friends if you like this tutorial please do share with your friends. This is the coolest method to run multiple operating systems without having any problem.


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