Transfer data using ethernet cable from one pc to another.


Transfer data using ethernet cable one pc to another

The technology has changed both our present and future. transfer data using ethernet cable sounds amazing. There was a time when we used pendrive to share data. But this technology has made our work much easier. Now i will share this technique with you so that you can transfer data using ethernet cable : –

Transfer data using ethernet cable between PC – Switch – PC

Excel shortcut and function keys for Professionals.

If you have switch,modem or router connected in between PC’s then use Standard ethernet cable. Because we use 1 differ ent devices in  between. So we need Standard over cable for data transferring. Check out the color code for cross cable below:-

transfer data using ethernet cable standard cable

  1. After joining both pc with switch Go to your control panel of computer.
  2. Make sure that computers have same ip addresses gateway. If did not then change ip addresses gateway.
  3. Control panel > Networking and sharing center.
  4. See the left side of panel> Choose Change advance sharing setting.
  5. There are many options for your network customization. Turn On file sharing and network discovery.
  6. Make sure that password protect sharing is off.
  7. After this process Go to My computer.
  8. Choose folder you want to share in network example:Folder.
  9. Go to folder properties and then sharing tab.
  10. Choose people to share with> Please select everyone if you want to share it with every Pc in network. Select the permission types.
  11. Follow above given steps also for second pc. After finishing go to Network Folder. Both pc are online and Folder you have shared is in the network.

 Transfer data using ethernet cable between same devices (PC – PC)

What will you do if you have two same devices and you want to transfer data using ethernet cable.  To sharing data between two same devices you need Cross cable. Please check out the straight cable coding :-

transfer data using ethernet cable crossover cable

Connect cross cable between two same devices and that’s all. Follow Above given steps to setting up networks in two pc’s. Repeat all steps.

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Its very simple to create networking between 10 to 15 computers. If you like it please do share with friends .


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