Insert album art in mp3 – How to Add custom album art?


How to Insert Album Art in mp3

This is very old technique used by many peoples to insert album art in mp3. Have you ever noticed that some time user have their own album art in mp3. Insert album art in mp3 is not easy but with the help of small software we can make it possible. Let me explain tutorial below : –

insert album art in mp3
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Insert Album art to mp3


  1. Firstly you have to download mp3tag From here: Download Here.

  2. Next you have to install it and open by double clicking on it.

    insert album art in mp3

  3. Open File from the menu>click on add directory.
  4. Select Your Songs directory first. It takes some time to load your songs.

    insert album art in mp3

  5. Select Your song that you have to add album art to mp3.
  6. Click On right mouse button>Select extended tags.
  7. Ok now click on icon shown in below picture. Select image that you want to add in album art.

    insert album art in mp3

  8. That’s all now you have successfully Insert album art to mp3.

Ok the tutorial is over but not our journey of being sharp minded. Friends do share and use this technique for famous yourself. Read previous post : Make Pc Android And Run Android Apps In Pc.


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