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Hindi Ad networks For blogger

When it comes to Hindi ad Networks, I will prefer you to apply for Adsense because it is the best and reader targeting ad network. Because there are so many Hindi blogs so, I am posting this tutorial for helping some Indian blogger.

There are many Hindi websites in the internet. Not every website is only for making money but some of them are only for this purpose.

Hindi ad networks for making money online
It is difficult to find out best Hindi ad networks. At last, I must say that no one is perfect then Google Adsense network.

Google Adsense shows only ads related to reader experience or location.  There are so many other Hindi ad networks not everyone is perfect because they shows ads in English language many times.

Some Feature of Adsense: –

  1. Google Adsense is trusted Hindi ad network. So don’t afraid buddies.
  2. Payment method is easy. Pay on the time.
  3. High CPM rate or CPC rate.
  4. The best part is there is no traffic requirement friends.

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I am telling you friends if you are create your blog in Hindi. Don’t be said about making money there are so many ways to making money from blog.
Another way to earning money is don’t write your posts in Hindi character write it in English. For example: Ye Hindi ad networks ki post hai.

This is the way to create money in Hindi blog with ad networks, which doesn’t support Hindi language.

Following are some method to earning with Hindi blog

  • Affiliate marketing of Hindi eBooks.
  • Provide services for your readers.
  • Premium posts.


So where there is will there is a way now prove  icon-heart

Hindi ad networks are very less popular because of low CPM rates in India. That’s why blog in Hindi are very less then English blogs. I would suggest you only Google Adsense as a Hindi ad network.
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