Clickbank affiliate marketing tutorials – How to make money ?


Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Tutorials

I am writing this clickbank affiliate marketing tutorials because many peoples asks about best affiliate program. Clickbank is the most recommended affiliate program ever. Ok as you know in every affiliate programs have account. So when you browse clickbank site click on the signup button and create new account for Clickbank affiliate. marketing. When you create your account make sure that your personal info is correct. After creating account your dashboard will be open see below given screenshot for understanding.

Clickbank affiliate marketing tutorials

Go to your Marketplace as shown in above picture. After entering into the marketplace choose the best product according to your blog niche. Choose category from the left side and select the newest product from the market. Select a product having gravity between 10 and 30 from the Clickbank marketplace.

Select a niche which is has less competition. ‘Make money online’, ‘online jobs’, etc are highly competitive. Those products don’t work either.

Go to Google Keyword Planner. Type in a few keyword phrases like ‘how to increase height etc. Set keyword filters to choose keywords which has low competition and greater 10000 searches.

After that create a website with related domain name. You can use free blogger services or if you want long terms business then choose wordpress for better services and customization.  Give product reviews with honesty. Don’t post dishonest or fake reviews.

After creating Your site next step is to optimize SEO of your website. To rank high in search engine you must have written 10-20 article about product. You can also make your ebook and make it viral on the internet. Other way to increase your ranking is to linking your site by commenting on other’s site.

You can also use your social sites to market your product. The best option is facebook create a group with your niche name example ” Increase Height Method”.

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After creating page get more likes to increase your clickbank earning. This easy Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Tutorials  should get you to make your first sale on Clickbank within 1 week if you followed every bit properly.



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