Make Money Without Advertisements for Blogger

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Many bloggers just want to earn money from the ad networks. They just stuck into the advertising techniques. They limits themselves by using easy to use ad networks like Google Adsense or infolinks on their hosted blogs. It is so easy to work with Advertisements networks but they just limit our monthly income. If you want to make money without Advertisements then I have guide to start your journey.
When you use the advertisements on your blog it just effect the user – experience. So today, I am sharing some of the working method used by professional bloggers to make money without Advertisements and you can choose the best option for you.

Make money without advertisements

Here I am sharing ideas to make extra money from your blog. You can implements these ideas in your blog. I will also recommended you to read this guide.

Sale Your guide

If you are writing experts in any fields like tech or story. A great writer is the best thing in the blogging. Who writes the topic from the heart or mind is the one to be success in blogging. You can sell your copyright content on your blog. This method generate a handsome income for you.

make money without advertisements

The next idea s to create the eBook of your existing content in the blog. If you are create a posts of same niche then you are almost there. If you don’t want to sell your eBook then use it to increase your email signups.
Sell Your Product

Some of the blogger are experts in creating their product, which is very useful for every reader. You can offer your service or product to the reader. For example: you can start to train the beginners for making blogging profession.

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Use any affiliate program like clickbank for high commission. Here are the Plugin for ClickBank affiliate.


If you have become a pro within your niche, consider allowing people to purchase billable hours from you in exchange for consultation. Often times, if you provide the results, word of mouth will do the advertising for you. On the side, maintain a blog, which continues to discuss your niche.

Make Blog Premium

Make your blog premium means some of your post is only for members of the site who gave some amount of money to you. You can integrate membership option on your blog, and on a fixed monthly subscription charge, you can earn from it.  There are so many plugins, which helps you to do it.

Work Like Professional Blogger

If you are dedicated to your work and you have a great writing skill then prove yourself as a professional blogger. Once you develop yourself in your field, you can start writing the paid posts for other blog networks. You can get handsome amount from the network publishers.

So this is our today’s topic in the next tutorial we will discuss about the best affiliate program for blogger. Do share our post if you like.

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