In-text Ad Networks for Making Money in Blogging


In-Text Ad networks for bloggers

I think in blogging, Adsense is not only the way to make money. In-text ad networks is the others way to monetize your blog. I am writing this blog post after long time ago. We use many others way to make money. The other way to making money with your blog is In-text Ad Networks. I will share some best in-text advertisement network with you my friends.
Best in text ad networks for bloggers
Sharpminder team already share some of ideas to make money with the reader. There are so many difference between banner ads and in-text ads.
Use in-text ads according to your site layout because false use of text ads may effect your site SEO.

The common question asked by readers is that “In – Text ads is compatible with Adsense”.  So let me clean that myth because many bloggers used Adsense along with in-text ad networks.
There are many other options for Adsense alternatives.

You can find few options provided by Advertisers like Infolinks, Chitika, Bidadvertisers which provided high CPA rates.

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Infolinks was the first ad network, which started the concept of ad network. It overcomes us to banner blindness and improve engagement. It is the most famous and useful program for bloggers. It is the easiest method to monetize your blog with text ads.
Minimum payouts is 50$ which is very low.


Viglink works on other model means it works on the principle of affiliate marketing. It converts basic links into the affiliate links. Viglinks earn more with affiliate commission. The way VigLink works with Javascript makes it completely SEO friendly therefore, you are actually in a win-win situation out here.

viglinks reviews


Vibrant is the other popular program for bloggers to earn high revenues. Like infolinks vibrant is another in-text ad networks. Vbrant media ad targeting is great. It shows ads based on readers interest.

vibrant media reviews

Built In Text

Built in text is another text ads network, which will shows ads on your targeted text on the posts. The best thing about built in text is that it provides so many ad formats according to your blog design.
Minimum payout is 20$.


With the use of MageNet you can sell text links on every page of your website and get 1000$ per month from link sales. You can sell your own links and each month you will earn payments via paypal.


Clicksor offers the opportunity to earn more income by simply underlining a selection of clickable text or displaying targeted contextual ads on their websites or blogs.

Clicksor offers a referral program which pays out 10% of whatever a referred publisher earns or whatever a referred advertiser spends, for up to one year.

    That’s all my friends, above given in-text ad networks are the best text ad networks i have been found. If you like my topic do share and click on follow button.


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