Hitleap Adsense together is safe or not ?


Hitleap Adsense Together is safe or not?

If you hear about auto surf engine then you absolutely know about Hitleap method. Hitleap is the best method to drive free traffic to your blog. It is amazing to working with Hitleap. You can easily get 1000 to 1500 daily visitor using Hitleap. Our topic is on Hitleap Adsense together. Many peoples ask this question
because everyone want money in a quick way.

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I will not recommend you to use Hitleap Adsense together because it banned your Adsense account permanently. Adsense terms and conditions are very strict so be careful.

We can get traffic by viewing others site and other gets traffic by viewing our site.

Hitleap also has premium packages under that you can choose your referral URL.

There are so many who is banned from Adsense because they used Hitleap with Adsense.
Other Auto surf Program

There is so many auto surfs engines, which drives free traffic to your site. Here are the list below:-

Otohits: – Otohits is another program, which is same like the Hitleap. However, Otohits did not provide any application for background running. Otohits provide just 500 to 700 visitor per day.

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Easyhits4u: – easyhits4u is another program. When you open others site you got some points and your points will be converted to the views.
But the Google easily detects the referring site which is the biggest drawback of easyhits4u.

so friends please I will recommend you to not to use the hitleap with Adsense. Even don’t use any of above. But Friends for you I have found one ad network which works perfectly with auto surfs that is Revenue hit.

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  1. I drive only 10 hours per hour..? also not 100% hitleap traffic.. only part of them are fake traffic.. I also get real visits too.. is it okay..? or can I use otohits..?

  2. Hey @praveen

    I saw your blog. I think you should not use hitleap for drive traffic to your blog. Because you are using Adsense ads on your blog.


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