Blogging Best and Professional Guide for Blogger

The Best Blogging Guide for every Blogger

Welcome to the Trusted and ultimate guide of blogging! No matter who you are what are you doing. Anyone in this world would be success in their life if they follow this guide. Whether you are beginner or professional, this guide will give you the brief of your practical. From creating your blog to distributing your posts for maximum impact. So enjoy!

best Blogging guide

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  • Why you should start a blog for your Small Business.
  • How to Build Your Blog and Strategies.
  • 10 Thing to do Before Blogging
  • How to write Great content.
  • Promoting Your Posts.
  • How to create post that your Audience Will Love to Read.


Why you should start a blog for your small business.

 When anyone of you thinking about to start a small business. The first thing you have to do is select a appropriate product or subject. A blog is a place, which allows you create the content in a central location and share it with subscribers, fans and followers without any additional work.

Blogging can help you to discover you online

Blogging has the potential to help your business be discovered by an online audience.
If you have been searching Google lately, then you noticed that some results have picture next to them. That is a sign that the author has integrated Google Authorship with their blog.

Why to start Blogging


Blogging lets you Describe your Business

When you create your blog there are so many pages that you create for further information of your blog. Your about us page is great way to express your company’s works. Adding a blog to your website is like a personal invitation for your customers get know you better.

Blogs are easy-to-use content management system

Blogs require limited training and technical skills to use because of their various plugins. Blogs provide flexibility to update or modify content quickly.
Blogs provide best Search Optimization

Through their plugins of SEO services it makes it search friendly and easy to find on search engine.

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How to Build Your Blog and Strategies.

Whenever you start your blog there are very few common points you should implements at the starting of the blog. Before you jump into the business and get someone into your web development to develop your website, Take some time and think about the major elements of the blog.

How to build your blogging Startegies

Target Your Audience

Your reader is the key to success in blogging area. You should try your best to attract audiences to your blog or make them feel free to ask a question.

If your audiences are your fan then absolutely you are genius people.
Because it is so difficult to attract readers.


Develop Your Blog’s Voice

Since company blogs often include work from a group of contributors, it is important to define, various post attributes to ensure consistency across different

Writers. For instance, here are some characteristics I suggest bloggers consider:

  • Have a personality
  • Tell a Tutorial
  • Be contextually relevant
  • Sound like a good person
  • Have point of view friends

Selecting your blog’s theme is part of this process since it drives how your content will be render. It is also the first step in developing your writing style, which we will cover later in this manual.

What is your Topic?            

Every blog is build on a certain niche. These topics are derive on the certain basis. When you choose your topic, it help us to finding the content about our website.

What type of content you have to create?

You have to create content, which is valuable, and have low competition rate according to Google keyword planner.  Peoples writes lots of content, which is relate to your content so you have to focus on the content, which is very difficult to find into internet.


The thing to do Before Blogging.

Senior Management: – At a minimum, you need buy-in to rally the resources, both human and financial. Without it, the blog will only work as long as employees have the time and bandwidth to help. Once other priorities pop up, blogging will sink to the bottom of their priority list.

Marketer: – At its core, your blog should support your marketing efforts. Therefore, your blog’s editorial calendar should be integrate with your promotional plan to maximize your efforts.

Content Creators: – The best content creators are subject matter experts who can and want to convey information related to your offering and company (although, of course, you want to write about much more than your offering and company). There are three major categories that you can tap: internal resources, professional writers and customers.


How to write Great Content?

The great content means is to answer the all of the audience questions very well. As subject matter experts in your field, you are probably answering the questions.

So what does this simple structure for writing engaging content look like?

If you plan ahead by outlining your content with the following structure you will have all the components necessary for an engaging piece of content, such as a blog post or article.

Here are the parts you will need:

Headline: This usually is just the question itself. Alternatively, the question reframed as a how-to. The headline is design to get attention and let the reader know the benefit of reading the content.

Intro: This is the setup or context for the content. What is the problem? What is the solution?

The five W’s: Expand on the solution. Outline the sub-questions you need to answer about the solution. Usually the Who, what, where, when, and why of your topic.

Example/Objective: Can you offer an example that demonstrates your point? On the other hand, can you anticipate how the Reader may object to what you are saying?

Summary: Give a brief summary of the information you have just shared.

Next Step: What should the reader do next? How can they put this information to use?

Promoting Your Posts.

Beyond not being confident in your writing expertise, one of the other concerns business owners often have when getting started is figuring out how to get people to actually read their blog. However, as we mentioned before, you likely already have all the tools you need to distribute your content and get it in front of the people who matter the most. Here is a look at some of the ways you can promote your blog:

Email: – I think email marketing is the best and very good method to promoting your blog posts easily. Try including the first few paragraph of your blog in your email newsletter. Email marketing drives traffic to your blog and your website, and provide inspiration for email newsletter content.
Best Email Marketing tool: Aweber

Facebook: – In today’s, day’s social media is the best way to share information. Facebook posts about new blog posts generate more pageviews and conversation friends. Moreover, do not forget to share your blog posts on your personal profile, too!
Check out our Facebook page: Sharp Minder: Crazy about internet
Twitter: – Twitter is another great place to feature your blog posts. Problem is, you only have 140 characters to work with. To work with twitter you should try the summary with in quotes. Want to really spread the word? Try starting a Tweet Chat about the blog topic.

Guest post: – Look around for bigger websites that are looking for content contributors. The advantage of the guest post is that it gets your name and your organization out there, and you have the opportunity to link back to your own blog.

How to create post that your Audience Will Love to Read.

You have an understanding of the particular needs and questions your customers need answered. And you know the best ways to get those answers in front of the people who can help grow your business and introduce you to your next great customer.

Love to Read your Blog Posts

Write what peoples want to read: –

Your content should have an audience in mind. Means you should write post for your audience not for own.
Remember content marketing should provide something valuable to people.

Don’t Forget about SEO:-

One of the best benefits of the blogging is very good in ranking of your website in search engine.  You don’t have to be an expert to write contents that’s great for search engine optimization.
Best SEO plugin For wordpress user : Yoast SEO Plugin

Talk to people about the problem, then solution

Instead of asking if an audience has a problem, then presenting  a solution, content needs to meet your audience’s problem.

Make sure your content doesn’t blind people

Text on a screen is different than text in a book. Keep most paragraphs to one or two sentences. Three can sometimes work, if you’re feeling lucky. Don’t forget to make breaks in your text with subheads, and images to fully optimize your content for readability. And pay close attention to your color schemes. Stay away from fluorescent colors that will blind your reader. Making any of these mistakes can make your content completely unreadable.

This is how you have to work for a successful blogging life. If you want more information about blogging follow below given links:

Check out above given links buddies if you have question about blogging fee free to asking. and if you like my post do share and care 🙂 . See you soon buddies.


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