Best WordPress plugin for create Custom Post Type


Best WordPress custom post type plugin you should try

I think this is the best option for customize our post in a nice way. When you check out other site, you can find out various types of post type. Have you ever try to know how they set it up. Why these post looks different.
When the wordpress database is fresh, it comes with some default types:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Menu items
  • Widgets
  • Links,etc.

custom post type plugin

At the other side, wordpress also comes with custom post type. WordPress allows you to add content in site in your own type. With the help of custom post type, you can add different types of content like product reviews or team member.

First thing, I want to tell you that it is very good to make your data in a structural way. Because it would help us to get approval from Adsense in a short time. You have already know the Adsense terms and conditions.
Let us take an example of gadgets. In our regular posts, we have just an article and some images. However, when we create a custom post type we have an option to add a user review and gallery to our post.
Plugins for Custom post type

When we create custom post manually, it is so difficult because required knowledge of PHP language. If you do not know the coding level work. Then you can use custom post type plugin.

Which make it easier to create custom post type.

Post Type Builder – WordPress Custom Post types

This is the best and powerful tool, which let you create custom post type. It provides drag and drop interface, which allows you to complete the whole process without writing any code.
Post type builder lets you create best post custom type.
It is possible to display the custom post type anywhere with the help of short code.


WPMU Dev develops custom press. Custompress is an excellent WordPress plugin for creating custom post type, custom fields and unlimited taxonomies. You will also find options to add dash icon to your custom post types. The post types could also be export to other websites. You can get the CustomPress plugin by paying $19 per month or by becoming a member for $24.5 per month. Members get unlimited access to all themes, plugins and professional support.

Custom Post Type UI

It is the fre tool to creating custom post type. It has more then 300000 active installs. To add a new post type, go to CPT UI > Add/Edit Post Types. In that page, you will find basic options like the slug, singular and plural label, description, menu name, etc.


Type is another highly popular custom post types plugin for wordpress. It has more than 200000 active installs.  Like another plugin it is also allows creating custom post types. Once you have installed types plugin, you will find a list of all the post types in the types.

besides the regular options like the post type name, slug, and description, you can choose a custom icon and customize the labels for different actions.

Custom post type makers

Custom post type maker is a simple but effective wordpress plugin. With this plugin, you cannot create post types like in other plugin. Still it does the perfect job.

Therefore, the feature like custom post types have made wordpress more powerful. Having the custom post type in blog make your platform very aggressive.

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If you are already used many plugin please let me know about them.
share your views on plugins or which would work for you perfect.


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