6 Websites to Buy Or Sell your Websites & Blog.


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Selling and buying of your website is also known as website flipping. I think it is also the best method to make money online. Today, I am share a list of some website, which you can use to Buy and Sell website or your blog. Many of the website are premium and comes along with customization. 6 places to sell your websites
You are thinking that how we can earn from this method. But believe me you can make a handsome income from this method. The people in this profession first create a niche blog and sell them at very higher price on below given market place.

The price of website depends upon many factor that consists: current earning, traffic or backlinks. I will tell you later about how to start website flipping and what types of websites are best for sell.

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Flippa: – Flippa has the most website for sale. I think it just crosses 5000 website now. And have the largest number of buyers. Over $130 million in website have sold on Flippa since launch in 2009. Google Analytics traffic stats, which helps boost average selling prices. Flippa also attracts serious buyers who are prepared to pay good money for high quality sites through Deal Flow, website broker service.

Freemarket: – Free market is newest addition in this area and started buy the peoples behind freelancer. Here you can sell your websites and buy the website. This is a good place to start selling your website or a blog.

BuySellWebsite: – BuySellWebsite specializes in established and start-up web sites. Established web sites cost $59 for a 2-week listing, or $99 for a two-month long listing (with a free one-month extension, for three months) that includes being feature on the front page. Start-up sites cost the same, but do not include the front page featuring.

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Sitepoint Marketplace: – It is the biggest hub for website or blog flippers. They have different – 2 categories to start up with site point. Though site point keep a commission on your sale, but the kind of price, you can expect from site point. You will not mind paying a commission to them.

Forums.DigitalPoint.com:- A forum for all types of web development that allows you to post a site for sale as long as you have been a member for at least 14 days, do not have a reputation in the red and have a minimum of 25 posts throughout their boards. Therefore, it is the best place for everyone.

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SEDO: – This is another website, which let you sell your domain and blogs. The listing of website is free but like site point, you have to pay certain amount when someone buys your domain.


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