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In wordpress database, there are lot of temporary files and unwanted data. Therefore, we need to clean and wipe it out from the database. When you start your website, it is very fast and optimized. But whenever you installed new plugin and after using it you delete it, In that time it stores some of cache files in wordpress database so we need to clean it out.

wordpress optimization plugin
There are many ways to optimize your site. If you want very effective and responsive way then check out below post.

If you do not know about the wordpress database and you are beginner then I would suggest you to use the wordpress optimization plugin for website. It is easy to use or manual action is need for it.
It is one click optimization process.

Why you should optimized your site : –

  1.  It contains temporary and unusual data.
  2.  It speed your website 50%.
  3.  It removes duplicate content from the website.
  4.  It removes all the spams users and comments from the database.

To get out of the unusual content, you should try the following process : –

  •  Go to plugin area and search for the WP-Optimize plugin.
  • And download the wordpress optimization plugin.
  • Click on install button and click on activate.
  •  A new tab will be create on wordpress menu. Click on the tab.
  •  Select your cleanup option from the menu.
  •  Click on process. It will clean that you selected.

This is how your dashboard look like.

wordpress optimization plugin


There are also auto-optimized option in this plugin, which is very useful for users. For me it works perfectly because I do not like to working with tables or quires. Next advantage is you do not have afraid to loss your data.
If you need guidance then comment in the bottom of the page. Thank you for reading .


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