Why you should start your blog for better life.



everyone thinks that a blogging is just for money or a online business. No, this is not only a business or a money making platform, A blog is very good way to keep your future and habits safe. Some of you don’t no what is blog or How we create our blog.

why should start your blog

When a new user enter into the blogging area, they found the lot of obstacle in their ways like. Choose blogging server or blog title, If you love writing your views on the various thing than create a blog title related to writing skills.

someone use their blog as an hobby because they love writing and sharing photos.I started blog as an passion because i want to tell all internet user about blogging. I started blog as an passion when i am only 18. But when you realize the power of blog you started thinking about making money.

Here are the Thoughts on why you should start your blog for better life:-

1. Blogging makes you better writer. Blogging main component is your writing and communication skill. Blogging is all about to make good relationship with your visitors. If you have good communication skills then definitely you’ll success in blogging.  Blogging improves your writing skills and becoming a better writer holds important benefits for the rest of your journey of your life. It will help you to creating a eBook,a seminar or an anniversary card for your relatives.

why should start blog

2.It helps for learning about new things.   Blogging is a platforms where you share what you have learned or what do you want to learn. Its like teaching the or sharing what you know and what you too are learning. When i start a blog i don,t have any idea about what is blog or SEO And now i have found the lots of knowledge about these things so i have shared with you. So keep sharing and learning.

3.You’ll make new relations with other blogger. This is the best part of blogging, And i love this part much more then other parts. Whether someone comments or emails you please be responsive about your content. What they ask Answer their question when you know it. The blogging is caring and friendly for your succeed .

4.You’ll make money. I don’t recommended all the blogger to give this part most importance because some time it may distract you from the joy of blogging and you will find you between the two phases. Whether you make 10$ or 1000$, Its good to have a hobby that actually pays you back.

5. No coding knowledge require. This tutorial will help you to setup your free blog  You can setup your blog just in 10 minutes of your valuable time. You don’t need any knowledge about technical skills like HTML or PHP. All you have to do just click and setup.
If you need some help about blogging Comment in the end of page.

6. Free services. Blog is a free services provided by many servers if you are beginners i would recommended you to take experience with google blogger.If you want to setup your third party domain than you have to pay some of dollers.please select a best hosting packages that completes your requirements.

7. Build Your audience. When peoples visit on your blog every day they would like the information you have provided on the internet. When you have build a large amount of audience then you will earn money on auto pilot.
When i have created my first blog i have found me lonely in front of stage giving a lecture. So don’t worry when you start posting your views you got lots of new visitor on your blog.

8.Inspiring Others to start a blog. Blogging not only changes your life, It also change the life of your blog readers. And blogs are free for everyone so that it is very good to give free services to your blog readers. Peoples actually loves free stuff ;).
And when they know about the power of the blog they started to think about blogging and make money through it.

9. promoting your hobby. Hobby is the only way to describe about you so when you start your blog it describe your hobby. When i am starting my blog i have shared lot of thing about hardware and networking because its my hobby and people start liking my hobby.
So it is the best place to promote your hobby or let other people know about you professionally.

10. Live forever in the worl. ya, its true when you describe all your knowledge and life events in blog, that means you live for many years after your death. Its only possible if you publish your word to world.

A blog can help you build your world that would live a long time :).

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