What is blogging ? How we earn money from blogging?



When you comes to this part of blogging you should give the whole of your free time to your blog because without hard work there is nothing that we achieve so  be ready for hard work on your blog. Some of you taking blog as an passion . Its OK very interesting fact that they don’t even know that we can earn money from blogging.


Today’s post is only for them who want to making money with blogging.
If you don’t know blogging or blog Check this post :-

What is blog?

after reading above post you have different different choices to select your blog server I recommended these two blog server for best performance  

After choosing blog server you have to install your site on these server if you are facing to install your site on blog server read below given post.

  • How to setup free website on blogger.com
  • How to Install WordPress.org on server 2015

after creating your site on these two places next you have to assemble and design the website perfectly because your first impression is last impression for your visitor.

Ok lets, Move on next step.

There are lots of way to make a money from your blog Below are the list of some realistic method of earn money from blogging.

  1. Advertisements
  2. Affiliate Marketing 

I have describe only two ways because without them blogging is incomplete. Check out both the method which suits you better if you are ok with both method then proceed to next step.

Next you have generate traffic for your blog. The unique traffic you get more you earn.

For advertisement option you choose need a lots of work on unique traffic.

Google adsense is best advertisement network for earning money.

But for google adsense you need to complete some of the requirement for google. When did google AdSense approve account.

Ok lets move on next step.

How to earn money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means you to market some ones product online.For choosing affiliate program you have to search on market interest.

Flipkart Affiliate Program 2015 (Amazon vs Flipkart)

If you need some help feel free to ask me friends i am always there for helping you.


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