Master Affiliate Marketing Strategy for beignners


Simple and Easy Step for Master Affiliate Marketing Strategy

With out a doubt Affiliate marketing is the quickest and easiest way to make large amount of profit online. Moreover, the other benefits of the affiliate marketing are below….

  • No investment needs for starting business.
  • Large number of affiliate programs.
  • Variety of programs to choose.
  • Extra ordinary commission schemes ranging from 10% to 70% of the selling product.
  • Are paid on a time, and you can work your own place.
  • Unlimited earning chances

affiliate marketing strategy

One more thing because of these amazing benefits, thousand of online users have tried affiliate marketing. But I am telling you with the help of this article you will be able to succeed in this field even in your first try.

Checkout the Process of Master Affiliate Marketing strategy

  1. Subject selection: – To coming our first step, making money online in the real world will seem less of a chore if you enjoy what you’re doing. Without the love and the passion you can invest in a business, it will never reach its full potential. Alternatively, you will easily get bored with it. And when you get bored, maintaining your business will be worse than work.
    The same process are applies for an online business.

You should find a subject that you love, or a topic that you like. There are so many fields and subjects that you             can choose. You like technologies? Maybe you can consider the subject of internet, or a more specific word like             software.

Your choice of market will depend on a variety of factor.

  • How well do you know the customer said? Passion will bring you many benefits, so you have to choose the subject that you are passionate about fro the very beginning.
  • What are the competition of Subject you have chosen?
  • How big is the demand of the subject or product? The demand should be high.

Low Supply + High Demand = Profitable Market

I recommend the product, which is searched at least 100000 per month.


  1. Affiliate Program: – once you have select your subject, you want a program with a high commission. You can choose two of below given option

    • Choose an affiliate program.
    • You can join affiliate network also.

There are also good affiliate programs or bad affiliate programs. Look out the sign below to avoid the bad                      affiliate programs: –

  • Offering a product that is difficult to sell. If a product on the website is hard to sell then avoid that affiliate program.
  • The affiliate program has a history of failing to pay its affiliates. Nothing is more frustrating than working for something but being deprive of the rewards for some reason or another.
  • The affiliate program is struggling when it comes to its finance.
  • The affiliate program operated by a person is always have many disadvantages so avoid these types of programs.

       Flipkart Affiliate Program 2015 (Amazon vs Flipkart)


  1. Create a Website: – Some internet-marketing specialist will tell you that you can pursue affiliate marketing even without the website.
    That’s true.

However, having your own website will make your profit double. A website is the store of your business. As an             affiliate marketer, you can use your website to host all of the affiliate links.
Affiliate links tell the owner to from which place the commission comes.

When you have decided to build your own domain, you will need some online purchase like

  • Domain name
  • Webhosting for storage.

If you want to setup a free time then check out the below post.

     How to setup free website with Google blog service.

  1. Create a Viral Product: – What is viral product? A viral product is a digital product – capable of being distributed digitally – that is of outstanding value. This product can be eBook or special report.

I distribute the viral product free.

Yes, for free.

A product of high value, distributed free!


  1. Distributing Article: – Distributing article means distribute your article to lead people to your website. How else they can find your viral product. Make article about 3000 – 4000 and link your website to the article. Article marketing is the best way to explore your business and massages.
    Some factor you have to focus are below :
    Pick a topic which is very famous in your niche.
    2. Research your topic and try something new from the online directories.
    3. If you are not confidant about writing prowess, or if you don’t have a time to write an article, You could hire a freelancer to do the job for you.Then, you have to submit your article to the many, many article directories on the World Wide Web.


  1. Building an Email Marketing System: – It is the best method to marketing your product. Every affiliate marketer, which is professional in the affiliate world, have his/her own email marketing system.
    Building an email marketing system may lead your product to high efficiency. There are so many email marketing software in the network. However, if you want your own free email sender software then contact me in the comment box.I will send you the free email sending software, which can send 3000 to 5000 email just in one click.


To succeed in affiliate marketing strategy you have to work as above given process. This is our simple guide for the beginners. Keep in touch and subscribe us to lead into Digital World.

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