Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Beginner Guide


Most of the blogger only searched about ad networks on internet to monetize their blogs. Why they do not try anything else then advertisements. Because the ad networks works on autopilot and affiliate marketing successes if you do hard work to bring a traffic on your blog. If you are a beginner then firstly increase the traffic of your blog because affiliate marketing need some purchase through your link and much more traffic you get the more you earn. If you do not know about affiliate marketing then check out below link.


Make money with affiliate marketing


There are lots of question about make money with affiliate marketing  which are answering below by our community:-


Is affiliate Marketing easy to setup:-

NO, affiliate marketing is not so much easy and since there’s a lot of competition so you are not making money immediately.
Businesspersons and blogger suppose that all you need to do just put the links in your site and choose affiliate program. But according survey only 1% of affiliate marketer surveyed have been in the program since 2013. Therefore, affiliate marketing takes time and effort to build and make money online.

Is popular of niche works great:-

Many companies do not even try to affiliate program because they think their market is too little and some of them start affiliate but they do not have any interest in the market niche. It is the biggest drawbacks for them.
It is true that popular and trending niche gets more chance of earning. With affiliate marketing.


Mistakes in Affiliate marketing

Join too many affiliate programs: –

When I was starting my affiliate program, I am thinking of that the number of affiliate programs I join increases my revenue. However, I was wrong, because when you join so many programs we deal with the to much goals, therefore it becomes unmanageable. So it will be difficult to make money with affiliate marketing

Tracking of urls: – It is the important factor in affiliate marketing because you must know about from where the sale came from. This enables you to know which pages are converting in revenue so you can grow your business.

There are also some more mistakes. We will explain them next affiliate post for now beginner can use this guide for starting the affiliate program.

Here I am going to share some of the top Affiliate Program : –


  • Rakuten Linkshare : – This is the oldest affiliate I think and still in existence today. It offers so many features like user friendly admin control panel or robust support documentation.
    Company is founded in 1996 and managed by rakuten, Inc. they need some publisher requirements but there is no traffic requirement which is very good status.

    They make payment through check or direct deposit. Minimum threshold is $1.

  •  CJ By Conversant : – Cj is the most effective affiliate network in the industries of affiliate marketing. CJ provide more features than many other affiliate marketing Companies. Its main feature is web-based email system. That allows affiliate and advertisers to communicate with each other.

    CJ is founded in 1998 with a name commission junction.

    CJ is free and easy to sign up as a publishers. The registration is fast and after registering user will receive an email that allows them to sign their account. And CJ has helping and supportive representatives. They gave toll free number to get quickly to supporting center, which is awesome.


  • Amazon affiliate program: – Amazon is currently most popular associate program all over the world. No matter which country do you live it gives all the features to all of its member and also just sign up and get into dashboard and select the program that you want to sell. Amazon affiliate is very easy and simple then others programs.


  • ClickBank : – Click bank is the first program I have used in affiliate marketing. Since so many year I have working with click bank and I would recommended you to work with click bank because its commission rates is very good even beginner can make good money. If you really want to make money with affiliate marketing  then this is better network to join.



Thank you for your valuable time keep learning and sharing that’s all about blogging and live life with passion 🙂
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