Make Money From Website – How To Make Money From Blogging


I think the best way to earn money online is display ads on your website and earn money on autopilot. It’s a long time earning and we do not have to work hard and the best ad network I would suggest you Google AdSense.

make money from blogging

Ways to Monetize Your Blog are given below

  • PPC (Pay Per Click Advertisement)
  • CMP(Cost Per Impression)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Banner Advertisements.

I would suggest you Google AdSense, Ad choice, Chitika and infolinks for better performance. Many other ways are also available to monetize your blog. You can choose the network from the top list of ad network.
How To Make Money From blogging – Here Are the steps

Here are the steps to make money from blogging. If you want to make money from blogging follow these steps…

  1. Select the best blogging server.
  2. Select the responsive themes and SEO optimized theme.
  3. Generate the powerful and valuable content.
  4. Express and be responsive for your blog content.
  5. Market your blog through various media.
  6. Choose the monetize Media.

The steps are explain below with detail “Follow them and enter to digital network”:-

Blogging server

The most important and difficult part of blogging is selecting a blogging platform. When I was starting my first blog, I was confused between BlogSpot or wordpress then I realize that in a next coming year’s wordpress will be very powerful or easy to configure tool. So now, I am working with wordpress. If you are beginner, I would suggest you to use free service of Google to create a blog. When you know about what is blog or blogging then go with paid service.

Selection of themes for your niche

When you comes to this part, this is very easy steps to choose your niche themes but some times beginner make mistake to choose an unresponsive themes. This cause the lack of traffic for your website so, whenever you choose theme keep that in mind. Affiliate marketing themes are very different from the hobbies theme. So be careful at the time of theme chosen for your blog.


Unique and valuable content for visitors

To create a valuable and unique content you need better writing and communication skills with your customer. Google SEO service is focus on the content of your blog then give the ranking to your blog. Therefore, if your content is unique and powerful your link will be display on the top of the Google search.

Express and responsive about your content

When you Post your content and users apply your information and got some error so user try to contacting you about his/her problem. That time you have to be responsive about your content. If you do not express and response on his/her queries then it will effect your traffic and impression.


Market blog through various social media

After setup your blog Your next step is market your blog using various social medias like Facebook, twitter and YouTube. I am going to share an idea, which is apply by me for getting traffic in blog. Create a group on Facebook or post your links through them, thus you can get decent amount of traffic.


Select your monetize scheme

Traffic is your main goal, how much traffic you get that would turn into revenue. When new users comes into blogging he /she does not know the meaning of traffic, (Traffic is the number of visitors visits your sites). So select the monetize scheme based on your traffic.


Some of the Monetize schemes are explain below:-

Make money Using Google AdSense

Ya, I love ad sensing, when I think the meaning of ad sense. These two are different words “Ad” or “Sense”. Ad means advertisements which are displayed on your website and Sense means the in which way the ad targeting the visitor. Some time you noticed that when you searched something in Google search example “android phone” and after that you open a site, which is monetize with AdSense you see the ads related to your Google search like “android devices”. Therefore, it clear the meaning of Google AdSense.


Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

This is the fastest and professional way of earning money online. If you are, succeed in traffic increasing then apply this method because this method is recommend by professional blogger (My favorite one Harsh Aggarwal).

So there are lots of another way to monetize your way if you are ok with ad networks then go with following one:-

  1. Chitika
  2. Revenue hits
  3. Infolinks
  4. Ad hitz

Affiliate programs are –

  1. Flipkart
  2. Amazon
  3. Clickbank


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