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The another way to make money with online resources. There are many ways to make money online but this one is very good for beginners to make money in a short time.
what is link shortener and how we can earn from it? A link shortener is a program that’ll help you to shorten any links that you want to share on social media or anywhere. When you share these links socially and individually, some of clicks you got on the link user redirect to your page and you earn some amount of money.

Here i am sharing a site called link shortener that’ll help you earn good amount of money without doing Hard work. Below i will explain the way you can make 10$ per day without having your blog.

Description is a european based link shortener tool that is connected with advertising network so that we get paid when we shorten a link and make someone click on it.
Like other shortener site it provide a link shortener service, but it is the best and easy way to earn some good money. take cares of your webpage links.


  • have a high CPM rates.
  • User- friendly integration and wide range of tools.
  • 20% commission on referral – no referral limits.
  • rates per 1000 views: 0.3$ – 1.66$ ( Depends upon country)

  United States ~ $3.93
icon-fastforward Canada ~ $1.56
 United Kingdom ~ $2.78
 Australia ~ $1.82
 Germany ~ $1.83
 Spain ~ $1.59
 Switzerland ~ $1.98
 Austria ~ $1.62
 Sweden ~ $1.68
 Poland ~ $1.66
 France ~ $1.4
 Singapore ~ $1.41
 New Zealand ~ $1.34
 Norway ~ $1.23
 Denmark ~ $1.11

Monetization Tool provide many montezation tools, So you can make use of these tools to increase your earnings.

How To Join 

Joining process in is very easy just click on join and register. If you don’t want to put details in registering box you can  join by just 1 click using facebook. Payout Method payout rates are updated on a daily-basis based on the advertiser’s demands across the globe. payout rates varies from country to country from where the views arrives. Basically payout rates are between $0.15- $2.

Sharing links via Youtube

Make a youtube video and give a link into description and tell the youtubers to click on this link. I think youtube is the best place to get unlimited number  of views and clicks.

Sharing links on Social Sites

If there is any hot news or any breaking news going on, you can share the links from popular news websites or top blogs. Some curious people will always click on your links. If you’re a blogger, you can shorten your blog links and maximize your earnings.


Among the all link shortener is the best link shortner. Because it provide very good cpm rates and you can earn money without or with blog which is very good for none blogger. So all i want to say is  icon-heart        I love

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