Journey from shout mind to sharp minder (Blogger Vs wordpress)


Hey buddies,

Blogging is the great way to sharing your ideas and technical skills on your blog. If you want to start your business online want to increase your audience and customers then blog is the best and fastest way to marketing of your product.

And you can also make money from Blog. Blogger Vs wordpress what is best?

read our post about how to make money with blog Setup blog in 

blogger vs wordpress

We moves our domain from to .

because of  extra professional skill of wordpress. Check out our domain at SHOUT MIND  .

In there some limitations in The main limitation that we don’t have own server for blog that is the biggest drawbacks of .

Or in we have our own blog. So we can change and manage our blog according to our requirement.

And lots of wordpress plugin are available in store.

SO the choice is your to choose the best blogging server. But i recommended for a long term business.


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