How to Get Adsense Approval for Google Blogspot


For Google BlogSpot, there are lot of difficulty to get AdSense approval, when i have started my first blog with Google BlogSpot i am finding me in between the trouble because. Adsense approval is very difficult to every user. When I searched on internet “How to get approval for AdSense account in Google BlogSpot”. And found lots of article written that AdSense account need a top-level domain. This time is more confusing for me.

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For every sharp minder I am sharing some little tricks to get approval in BlogSpot just in short time. Over sharp minder do some experiments on a blog about getting approval in less time, because of our hard work our experiment is successful. Now that experiment I am sharing with you in detail below check it out:-


  • Simple and good design: – For beginner the css, php and html are useless. Means they do not know how to work with code. But in these days WordPress provide the code less programming which is very simple. However, for blogger user must know about little coding because it is need when we want to put a ads between the blog posts.
    Therefore, when you design your theme it should be clean and easily to navigate. Navigation is the most important factor we have to focus. If you want pre-designed theme you can download it from internet.
  • Number of posts: – The number of blog post should be 25-50 when you apply for the Google Adsense. The number of post you have uploaded or written are at least 500 words. When you create your post, give it suitable category title and title.
  • Custom domain:Custom domain (,.net) . If you want approval in a few weeks then use your custom domain. Custom domain is the high-level domain. You can find your domain from the best-hosted network like Dream host or Go daddy.
    I would recommended you to use a unique and meaningful domain.
    Google Adsense hates free hosting services so this is compulsory to create a custom domain.


There are many web services, which provide you your custom main free like or One of the best trick is work with custom domain.
If you want to know how to connect custom domain with blog spot stay tuned friends.

And thanks for reading our next post is all about connecting your custom domain with blogspot.


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