Disable self PingBack in WordPress By Plugin.


How To Disable Self Pingback

Welcome Buddies, This tutorial I am writing is for Disable self PingBack in WordPress posts and comments. What is ping back in WordPress? Pingback system is for recognize you to that who linked your blog with another blog. Simply when you linked your one post with another post then you get the ping back in comments. Pingback system is very useful for everyone but sometimes user frustrated because it ping on our posts too. So we Give some tips about stop these pings which come from your posts.

While some like this feature, Many users don’t find it useful. In the below given article, I will show you how to Disable self PingBack in WordPress.

 What Is PingBack?

Pingbacks your server ability to communicate with those sites which are interconnected with your site. It works like remote features. Ping Backs are work as below given steps:

  1. create a post in your website.
  2. Then your one post related to other posts from other blog and you linked that.
  3. Your blogging plugin automatically sends us to ping back.
  4. Our blog platform receives pingbacks as a comment.
  5. Then your pingback will be shown as comments in our posts.

Pingbacks also work on the own site. So if you want to stop back then generally follow these steps.

Disable Self Pingback

Very simple and easier to Disable self Ping Back in WordPress from your own blog. The first thing you need is No self-plugin. After downloading or installing it. Go to your installed plugin area. And activate the plugin by the simple click on activate on it. Your pings will be stops automatically. This plugin is not even updated for 2 years but this plugin works perfectly.

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disable self pingback

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