Revenue Hits with Hitleap working method


Hey, Sharpminders I have a new method of earning money from the internet simple and easy method.
how to earn money without investment and without hardworking.
You just need your blog or website and a hitleap account.

Free Traffic

Join hitleap and next you have to join THIS SITE after joining site place the ad on your site or in a blog.It's so simple to create a new ad in revenue hits.

The user interface is very simple and management.After creating a placement select its HTML code and paste into your site.

revenue hits with hitleap

Now copy your URL and go to your hitleap account.

add your website into hitleap website list.

Next run  the hitleap traffic exchanger.

That's all your website is getting viewed by users and your impression are increasing in revenue hits.

per 500 views you get minimum 0.90$ and after that viewers have to click the ad.

means it's working on CPM and CTR method both.

Enjoy revenue hits with hitleap.


you get banned you most use hitleap premium to mask the traffic referrer

so all i need is use hitleap premium to avoid ban?

You can use hitleap premium only for some of the ad networks like revenue hits @aidenraw

please do you know other company can work with hitleap regular not premium please