IMEI number repair in android – 2015


Hello my friends

Today I am coming with a new trick and tutorial for android user.

Many of you trying to root and update your ROM from sp flash tool, And there you are stuck into a
new problem, Which is IMEI recovery.

When your IMEI number is invalid your signal strength is zero and no incoming/outgoing calls.

So friends are careful before starting the update and root your cell phone.

But if you are stuck then you are at right place my sweet friends

HERE IS A WAY TO IMEI number repair

1. Firstly you have to root your android phone.

(Download Kingroot app from google, easy download )

2.You need IMEI write tool Named – Mobileuncle_MTK_IMEI_Write_Tool

3.Third the APK file for android device is -mobileuncle_MTK_toolv2.9.9

4. install mobileuncle_MTK_toolv2.9.9 into your android device.

5.Open Mobileuncle_MTK_IMEI_Write_Tool and write down your 1 and second IMEI number.

graphical user interface is very simple so anyone can do it easily.

6. After writing IMEI number a new file created there into your Mobileuncle_MTK_IMEI_Write_Tool


7.Copy that IMEI.bak file into sd card.

8.And now open mobileuncle_MTK_toolv2.9.9 into the android device.

NOTE- If your android device is not rooted then this tool did not work anymore

9.There is an option in the app named IMEI backup/restore.

Click on it

10.It will search for an IMEI.bak file and you have just clicked on restore IMEI


keep enjoying and wait for next tutorials GUYS 🙂 


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