How to make money without a Job, Make money with online jobs

How to make money with online Jobs

We are going to list ways that you can make money without a permanent job.

First, we’ll provide a list of opportunities that are on internet. after that, we will move on to opportunities which are available offline.

1- Complete Surveys
This one’s for when you want to earn rewards in return for a little bit of mindless work.

Usually, survey sites will be one of those “Online earning” we talked about earlier, earning rewards in the form of gift cards.

It is recommended to use a site that allows exchange for PayPal, since that’s the concrete form of money you will get for a small task like this.

Sites to Use:
Valued Opinions

2- Get Cash from Class Action Lawsuits

Yes, you can get free money from the hundreds and thousands of class action lawsuits that are brought on companies every year.

But how do you find these lawsuits, and what if you don’t even have a proof that you have used the said company’s product or service which qualifies you for the settlement?

Good news is that there are sites out there dedicated to listing all the class action lawsuits that are still open.

And the better news is that many of these cases don’t require a proof of purchase. For example, if you have ever drank RedBull, you get up to $15 through a class action lawsuit brought on the company because of their slogan “RedBull Gives You Wings”.

3- Old Books Market

I have already done this many times

Ways to make money without a job :-

The beauty of this method is that most of us already have lots of books that we no longer need or use.  Selling them can be a great sources of extra income.

And if you want to take a step further, you could hit your goal definitely, buy used books for health, then sell them for $5, $10, and even up to $100 or more depending on the book.

What makes this process even easier is the existence of sites and apps like BookScouter.

Simply install their app, then scan any book’s ISBN with it, you will instantly be given the highest prices you can sell that book for online. BookScouter searches over 40 buy-back-book sites to find you the highest price.

Sites to Use:

4- Get Paid to Test Websites

User testing is a real thing!

In order to test the functionality and user friendliness of their website, many businesses pay people to simply visit their site and test the various functionalities of it.

Of course finding clients on your own is almost impossible, which is why sites like Usertesting are there.

You can sign up for free, then whenever they have a new site to be tested, you will be notified.

You visit the said site, then report back with your experience.

The pay differs from site to site, but Usertesting pays $10 flat for every site review you complete.

Sites to Use:

5- Participate in Mock Trials

There are websites that conduct mock trials on behalf of their clients, which are mostly lawyers.

These lawyers want to know how their case is going to go in the real trial.

So, to get a sense for it, and adjust their strategy accordingly, they use mock trial sites to present their case in front of an online jury.

You can get paid to become a jury in such trials.

Sites to Use:
Trial Juries

6- Start a Blog
For those of us that don’t know, blogging is when you write for your own website, usually posting articles, recipes, reviews, or commentary (with the website itself being the “blog.”)

Think of it like writing articles for a newspaper that you’re the sole proprietor of.

Believe it or not, blogging is actually a very strong opportunity for making money, as we mentioned up above regarding the top bloggers.

In the past, the primary obstacle for hosting a blog would have been obtaining a domain to host the blog, but now there are platforms dedicated solely to blogging, like WordPress, which make it easier than ever to get into the game and start a money-making blog in no time.

Blogging is a great investment in terms of time and money, because an article you wrote for 4 hours will be up and available for viewing for as long as your site lives.

Furthermore, it requires essentially no money to keep going, but has the potential to make plenty of money.

There is too much to say about blogging to fit into this article, but if you like the sound of it, definitely do some searches and read up on it.

Even if you’re not comfortable with the idea of running a blog, you can still get paid to write for someone else’s.

Sites to Use:

[Note: These are free blagging platforms that allow you to build a site quickly and for free. Start with these, get a feel for how this whole blogging thing works, then you can move on and buy your own domain name and hosting. At that point, I would suggest you build your blog using WordPress (this is the .org version of it which is for self hosted sites)]

7- Be an Affiliate Marketer

If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, it means that you’ll advertise something in return for a commission on the sales. This is essentially a sales job that can be done by the introverted and the extroverted alike, since it doesn’t require that you actually interface with people on a personal basis.

Affiliate marketing is usually a way that people prefer to advertise their product because it feels more organic, and people are more likely to purchase something that they don’t feel has been explicitly advertised to them.

This is the best thing to earn, no skill required for it just relation ship required.
Sites to Use:

8- Work as a Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant, explained simply, is like being a secretary from your house.

A variety of people will be wanting assistance for whatever they do, whether they write research articles or run an online business, and that’s where you come in as a virtual assistant.

You should expect to be doing administrative work as a virtual assistant, so be prepared to employ skills like email response, data entry, examination of facts and organization of information.

It’s as simple as being, well, of assistance to your employer, but you’ll almost definitely need some customer service skills. Keep that in mind if you’d prefer a more “back of the house” position.

Sites to Use:


9-Make videos

The best way to earn for photographer and video man.Make yours video and uplad it into
and dailymotions.

how you make money without job

the views you get are counts to make money.


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