Google Ad sense Vs 2018. Which is best?


Google Ad sense Vs

 When we talk about PPC advertising networks, there is new name came to the stage. That’s In another word Yahoo & Bing contextual advertising network. made their reputation in this field very fast and it grow up rapidly. I have used most of the popular PPC programs such as Adsense,, Chitika, Infolinks and much more. But all other than Google Ad sense and was paying very less amount. Few months back I got an invitation to join with So I decide to put some effort on and I monetized my website with ads. After applying ads to my website, I decide to do a research about How both Ad sense and works. After one month of research, I was able to collect some worthy information. As my research has good CPM and they pay really well when we compare with other Google Ad sense alternatives. To be honest, with you I must say that still can not match the Ad sense CPM. But with you can earn almost same as Ad sense. I have noted another thing here, normally Ad sense income change is very less, as an example if you averagely earn $3 per day it just can go down to $2 or can go up to $4. But sometimes in it goes up to $10 – $15 per day, as well as CPM can move down rapidly.

AdvertisingWhen it comes to online advertising for your publishing website, you have many choices. It can be harrowing to make a decision of which advertising network to go with, though, with all the options at hand. In this post, we wanted to specifically focus on two of the major players in the contextual advertising game: Google’s Adsense and Yahoo’s Media.Net. Both provide a robust network of advertisers and make use of browsing history, the content of your site and other contextual indicators to present your site’s visitors with relevant ads that maximize your revenue and increase the odds of click-through.

Google-Ad sense

Most people, publishers and advertisers or not, have heard of Google’s advertising network and it’s no surprise because of the brand name. Google Adsense long had a strong lead in the advertising network both for their strong search engine presence and the ability for their delivery network to present several different kinds of ads, including text-based and image-based ads. Because of their longstanding presence and brand recognition, many tools exist to help publishers integrate Adsense ads into their site, like this very popular WordPress plugin. However, even given the wide range of options available to publishers in deciding the types of ads to show on their site (color scheme, category, etc), Google ads tend to not look as nice as some of those offered by other advertising networks and for that reason have caused many online publishers to shop around.

Yahoo Ad Network

Media.Net, a collaborative effort between search engine conglomerates Yahoo and Bing! is gaining good traction as a player in the contextual advertising network arena. Ads delivered by the network are generally of better quality and their approach claims to make more for the advertiser, through the use of an advanced system for ad delivery. Some of the largest clients of Media.Net include Facebook, Monster, and Amazon, earning the service a strong reputation from some of the larger spenders in the advertising game. However, a lack of public, quantifiable data doesn’t necessarily prove Yahoo’s claims that it provides a better advertising service (i.e. more revenue for publishers and advertisers alike) than its main competitor.

Payment options and minimum threshold. 

We all know that Google Ad sense has two payment options, Via Direct bank deposits or Via Checks. payout methods also almost same as Google. also have this “Direct Bank Deposit” method as well as you can withdraw money via Paypal. minimum payment threshold also same as Google Ad sense its  $100.


Earlier this year, Google and Yahoo! actually did a deal to work together with many ads, so the services are closer than they have ever been before. Nobody truly knows which one is better, and, like most anything, it can depend on several factors. The best way to find out what will work for you as a publisher is to try both out and see which provides a better experience for you and  your visitors. If you’re new to the advertising arena, which, if you’re reading this, you probably are.

Friends keep in mind that it looks like a simple that to earning money with ad sense but its a long term process.


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