Clixsense and Neobux which is best?

If you are searching for reviews about ptc websites and trying to figure out, which is the best ptc website out there for you to join, then you are at right place.

Why, you may ask?
Because this post is going to compare the 2 top ptc websites in the industry which – at the moment – are  Clixsense and Neobux

My goal is to help you decide – with an easy to understand methods – which one is the best ptc website.

Now, to figure this out, I have created a points system that will award 10 points to the first and 5 points to the second for each feature that I compare between the two paid to click websites.

This is like reviewing the 2  top ptc websites in a single post.

So, which one is the best ptc website? Well, let’s figure this out.

General Info.


The first feature we are going to compare in our quest for the best ptc website is how many years each website has been active. Which one of the two is the oldest?

This is very important because it helps us understand which of the two ptc websites has been online longer – hence paying its members for the most time.

      PTC                  DATE OF REGISTRATION                  TIME ONLINE             POINTS

CLIXSENSE                December 29, 2006                        7 Years and 8 Months          10

 NEOBUX                      March 10, 2008                         6 Years and 5 Months           5

It seems that Clixsense is 15 months older than Neobux which makes Clixsense in this ”duel” , the winner.

Number Of Active Members

Here we will compare the active users each one of the two ptc websites has. This will allow us to see, which ptc website is more popular and trusted among the get paid to click industry.

      PTC                                                Number of Active Members                                Points

CLIXSENSE                                                   Over 3 940 000                                            10

 NEOBUX                                                          NO ONE KNOWS                                                                5

Neobux has never revealed the amount of active users it has on its website This is kind of behavior is suspicious to us.

If you search online many users say that they have over 10 000 000 members, which for me this something hard to believe.

On the other hand Clixsense seems that it has nothing to hide. On their login page they have a big banner showing in real-time how many members they have and how much money they have paid to them.


Here we will see which of the two get paid to click websites have the most languages available for its users.

This is important because there are people who don’t know very good English and they feel more comfortable using a website in their own language.

       PTC                   Multilingual                 No of Available Languages               Points

CLIXSENSE                  No                                               1                                      5

   NEOBUX                  Yes                                               9                                     10

In this Comparison Neobux is the winner. Neobux is translated in 9 different languages including Greek, Portuguese, Spanish,Polish,Finland, Swedish, German and French.

On the other hand Clixsense is available only in English.SO its so difficult to translate different language.At the other hand neobux detect your language automatically.

Cost Of Upgrade

There is also best feature to know before choosing your ptc site.Below you can check out the price of upgrading coast of your memberships.

      PTC                                                       Upgrade Cost                                 Points

CLIXSENSE                                                       $17                                                10

NEOBUX                                                            $90                                                 5

So, see the difference yourself,Friends before choosing site you must think about it.


Isn’t it?


Clixsense Offers to tis members 7 different methods to earn money:

  • Clixgrid
  • Watching advertisements
  • Completing Tasks
  • Completing Offers
  • Completing Surveys
  • Earning from Your Direct Referrals
  • Getting Paid From Your Daily Bonus
  • NOTE: If you wish to learn more on what each method is, read this post.

Neobux Offers 6 methods:

  • Watching advertisements
  • Completing Tasks
  • Completing Offers
  • Earning from Your Direct Referrals
  • AdPrize
  • Earning From Rented Referrals
  • With 7 methods to earn money instead of 6,  Clixsense is once again the winner in this ”fight”


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