How to upgrade android using Sp Flash Tool 2018?


“Hey hi friends”

This is ajay Thakur, today i am discuss about android. Belive me friends its very cool To play with your android operating system.

But keep this line in your mind before start playing with android 🙂

” If did not know about what is flash tool and Operating system then did not read after this line, because wrong use of sp flash tool will be very harmful for your Android

Ok, uses of flash tool?

1. Format your android cell phone.
2. Format and Downloading new software for your phone.
3.You can install custom recovery.
4. Root your android easily.

and there so many tools available in sp flash tool for you operating system.

In this discussion i just told you about concept of installing android.

Its only for beginners

1. Firstly you have to download a rom file for your android.

Example- i am using micromax unite 2 kitkat version. I want to upgrade it into a lolipop so,

Go to
And search for “lolipop rom for micromax unite 2”. And download it its not a difficult process step-

2. Download sp flash tool.

3.enable debugger mode by go to your developer menu. Some devices
Need their driver like i need MTK device driver.

5. After downloading flash tool load a scattered file in it. The option is in the second field of sp flash tool.

6. Click on drop down menu and select format + downloading .

5. Now remove the battery and connect your cell phone with pc by using original data cable.

And the final step is waiting friends 😉

6. Click on Download thats all my friends.

Restart your device. And go to recovery mode and wipe and delete your old data if u want it you require another software or manual backup.


and wait for next android post


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