10 Best CPM Advertising Networks for High & Slow Traffic Sites

10 Best CPM Advertising Networks for High & Slow Traffic Sites

Google adsense reserves the industry as the best online ad publishing network having 2 million active publishers world wide making decent income from this network. But Adsense is very oldest and dominant ad publisher in the industry because they already milestoned 10 years of their leading success on internet and millions of people are known about their services. 

Now getting approved by Google adsense today is too crucial even for new bloggers it’s still now remaining daydreams to them. But fortunately there is a great alternative ad network that is CPM advertising network which requires publishers to embed the ad code on their site and they will grow revenue on impressions rate per page. That is interesting online income which requires no clicks from visitors but only views are enough to make a fistful income.

I have gathered 10 lists of CPM advertising sites some of them for highest traffic sites and some for lower traffic so that you can set which ad network is suitable for your niche according to daily visitors, page views and impressions.

    What is CPM Ad Network?

    CPM stands for Cost Per Impression and are considered one of the best ways to earn money online via Ads. It is totally different from PPC Ads which stands for Pay Per Click. Google Adsense or other PPC,Cost Per Sale,Cost Per Action Ads only Pay you when someone click on their Ads.

    Suppose your site has 5000 daily visitors and generate 12000 page views, your CPM rate is $2 then you will make 12000/1000 = 12 CPM x 2= 24$ per day.

    TribalFusion CPM Ad Network

    TribalFusion is best CPM Advertising Network for sites are on Good Level in traffic, page views and impressions. For bloggers it could be the best way to make money from TribalFusion because of blog sites get more impressions than regular websites and TribalFusion’s minimun requirement is 500k impression of a site. Obviously new bloggers who have sites on starting level should not apply for TribalFusion they’re as serious ad networking site as Google adsense. Your site must be at least 6 months old and have all the requirements the company ask for publishers.

    Minimum Payout: $50
    Payment Method: Check or PayPal


    Advertising.com CPM Ad Network

    Advertising.com is a business partner of AOL and thus provide a handsome CPM rate for the publishers. The company is now leading the industry in CPM ad networks so their Relevency of Ads are almost prominent. It requires blogs or websites have been fully launched and have reasonable traffic across their niche. Their CPM rate is much high and you can earn a fistful income from this ad network. 

    Minimum Payout: $25
    Payment Method: Check


    Adversal.com CPM Ad Network

    Adversal.com is very much affirmed in CPM adverting industry. The company is ad hardy as TribalFusion to get approved as a publisher. A publisher site should be online and operational for at least one month having high quality and original content copyrighted to site owner. Must not contain adult content, copyrights, infringed material, spammy content or even linked to these stuffs. Site should have 50,000 page views per month.

    Minimum Payout: $20
    Payment Method: Check, PayPal, or Bank Wire

    Burst Media

    Burst Media CPM Ad Network

    BurstMedia.com is another highest Paying CPM Advertising Network in the industry. Sites that are being approved by Bust Media should have at least 5,000 unique visitors per month and 25,000 pageviews. As a publisher you can earn 70% revenue of their sole publisher method. 

    Minimum Payout: $50
    Payment Method: Check, PayPal or Electronic Fund transfer


    Gunggo CPM Ad Network

    Advertising Network Gunggo is mainly focused on Pop-up ads and solely work as a CPM ad networking company. They also provides high CPM rate and fortunately good for Low Traffic websites/blogs as well. They have incorporated with various leading agencies, direct advertisers, DSPs and Ad Exchanges. A blogger can make real money online from this network.

    Minimum Payout: $50
    Payment Method: Check, PayPal,  Wire Transfer


    eDomz CPM Ad Network

    eDomz.com is gradually growing up CPM Ad network in the industry and have got a better market place already within the community. The CPM rate of this ad network is great $4 which is enough for blogs having 50k impressions per month, am i right? New bloggers can easily apply because they do not require publishers having highest traffic but they will review your application scrutinizely like TribalFusion. 

    Minimum Payout: $5
    Payment Method: Paypal Allowed

    Technorati Media

    Technorati Media CPM Ad Network

    Technorati Media is named after Technorati operate a social advertising platform, maximizing fill and yield for publishers through personal service, granular visibility and custom opportunities with top tier brands. The do also offer high CPM rates. Anyway the site approval is not easy but they will check your site’s monthly visitors, Pageviews, Alexa Ranking, Google Page Rank and Blog Content.

    Minimum Payout: $50
    Payment Method: Check and Paypal


    AdCash CPM Ad Network

    AdCash is the best CPM ad network especially for beginning websites they do not require much traffic but you have to assure quality content of your site. The have developed a thorough understanding of the highly competitive needs of the industry and understand how to successfully monetize your valuable inventory. No matter the localization of your audience, their global offers are perfectly adapted to your needs.

    Minimum Payout: €100.
    Payment Method: They pay you on a NET +30 basis via Bank wire, PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill or Webmoney.

    Pop Cash

    Pop Cash CPM Ad Netwok

    If you’re a new blogger then i suggest you to monetize your blog with PopCash a widely used CPM advertising network around the industry. They accept almost all websites, they pay for visitors(worldwide). Withdrawals are processed daily (on weekdays), very quick domain approval and much more interesting features they do offer.

    Minimum Payout: $10
    Payment Method: PayPal, Paxum or Payza.


    Qadabra.com CMP Ad Network

    If you’re running s slow growing traffic site also want to make money online then Qadabra.com is the perfect choice for you as they accept sites having no minimum traffic requirements and content types but they’re still a sole eCPM advertising network.

    Minimum Payout: $1
    Payment Method: PayPal and Payoneer.

    I think you have enjoyed the series if you have any more suggestions you may let me know. If you like this article don’t forget to share with your community on social media


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